Messika gets Wild at Baselworld 2019

At Baselworld 2019, Messika revealed the new High Jewelry collection, showing off the wild - as well luxurious - side of her founder Valérie Messika

Positive vibes, and a great sense of freedom… These were the feelings we had, at Baselworld 2019, while discovering the new Messika High Jewelry collection called Born to Be Wild. The founder and art director of the jewelry house, Valérie Messika transported us into the powerful atmosphere of the Wild West, among fantastical horseback rides and vast desert plains. 
It was surprising to leave the classical luxury setting of Baselworld to enter for half an hour into a tiny room that conveyed such an original and vast vision.
Born to Be Wild was written on the wall in big letters, as a statement message, while a mood lighting put emphasis on the shiny stones of the new jewelry creations which were floating on a big log of wood.
«I like to travel, to get away... With Born to be Wild, I wanted to instill a state of mind that alludes a feeling of escape. Between fantasy and imagination, the desert acts upon mankind like a great revealer, living up to and surpassing itself», states Valérie Messika, «The North American desert, more than any other, leaves one speechless; making you feel like no one and someone at the same time».

In this new High Jewelry collection, necklaces and other pieces tame the materials and respond to the nature: diamonds and gemstones are set against wood or matched with feathers, giving a noble sense of preciousness and lightness together. Valérie continues «The so-aptly named Wild West has always captured our imaginations. Wide open spaces, and vast silences have fueled my desire to escape, and wish to reconnect with the power of wild nature. Great expanses of in nite possibilities meet a need for freedom that resonates perfectly with my vision of modern jewelry that is moving and free of all constraints.
What better celebration of the forces of nature than the integration of it into the history of Maison Messika through the use of materials other than precious metals or my queen of stones, the diamond.»

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