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Michael Hakimian Introduces the Return of Haute Jewels Geneva 2022

A talk with Michael Hakimian, CEO of Yoko London and the Founder of Haute Jewels Geneva, which returns in 2022 offering an innovative format created by “jewelers for jewelers”

  • Michael Hakimian, CEO of Yoko London and the Founder of Haute Jewels Geneva

    Michael Hakimian, CEO of Yoko London and the Founder of Haute Jewels Geneva

The right jewelry brands, in the right place, at the right time. This is what Haute Jewels Geneva 2022 promises to be. The innovative high jewellery event which debuted in 2019, will return after a two-year pandemic blockade with eighteen jewelry brands exhibiting. Michael Hakimian explains the importance of meeting face to face again, in a city which is now a key destination for the industry, in a special, informal setting created by “jewelers for jewelers”. 

After being forced to cancel the event in 2020 and 2021, Haute Jewels Geneva 2022 is finally back at the Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva from 30th March – 5th April 2022. What are your feelings about it?
We are thrilled to be bringing Haute Jewels Geneva back in 2022. How can you go wrong when you have 18 top jewelry brands, in a beautiful location, during a prime time of the year for the jewelry industry? After two years of restrictions due to the pandemic, it feels very good to be involved in such an exciting, innovative product. 

What it is the new Haute Jewels Geneva concept?
Back in 2019, I saw a gap in the market for an intimate jewelry show with likeminded brands, to take place during the spring in Geneva. The objective of the show was to remove some of the formality and red tape associated with jewelry trade shows and create an event created by jewelers for jewelers. We had longer opening hours to allow flexibility in terms of when clients wanted to visit participating brands. The objective of the show was to bring the retailer and supplier together to do business in a relaxed and informal environment. 

Were the past two years useful to work on a renewed event?
The landscape of the jewelry industry has been transformed over the course of the pandemic. Spring in Geneva has become one the most important times of year for the industry, and I would say because of the restrictions of the pandemic, there is a renewed desire to meet in person, albeit in a more intimate, relaxed setting. 

The show is expected to be bigger and better? Would you explain how are you going to keep this promise? 
In 2019, we launched Haute Jewels Geneva with just four brands participating (Yoko London, Roberto Coin, Crivelli and Sutra). Today we have eighteen brands who are taking part. Due to the increased number of exhibitors, we have taken a much larger space within the Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva. Although it is our intention for the show to remain relaxed and intimate, we have introduced a more structured layout this year; each brand has a dedicated booth with private meeting rooms. We feel that this will allow a flexible approach to business, allowing for a more private setting if required. 

Goals and expectations for this new event?
The pandemic has forced everyone to be more selective about which trade shows they are going to attend in person with travel made more difficult than it was before. We feel many people in the industry see Geneva as a key destination for the jewelry calendar and we are excited to be a part of this. With so many major players in the jewelry industry in Geneva during these dates we hope the brands participating will have the opportunity to meet with many key buyers during the event, and similarly buyers will be able to visit multiple brands at the same event helping to maximize their time in Geneva. 

Each of the eighteen jewelry brands participating offer something unique. How their approach to jewelry creation is likeminded? 
Although each of the brands offers something unique, they are likeminded in their approach to jewelry creation – they are all seen as artisans in their own field, and all use high quality materials and superior designs, resulting in spectacular haute jewels.

What exactly do you mean when you say the show is providing a relaxed atmosphere for both clients and exhibitors?
The format of Haute Jewels Geneva is quite different from the traditional trade show experience that the jewelry industry has become accustomed to. It is based in a hotel, rather than a large exhibition center, which immediately gives the show a more relaxed setting. We have also extended the opening hours beyond the usual exhibition times, allowing both the participating brands and their clients flexibility in terms of when they want to conduct their business. The show will accommodate both formal and casual business settings, allowing both the buyers and exhibitors to conduct business in the way that suits them best. 

How important is for fine jewelry brands and buyers meet face to face again? And how is the salon positioned with respect to the web and social media?
Fundamentally, jewelry needs to be seen and touched to be truly appreciated, and so meeting face to face has always been essential to the buying process. For this reason, Haute Jewels Geneva is, first and foremost an in-person event, that seeks to offer its visitors a chance to meet face-to-face with brands and suppliers. We feel that this is a concept that feels even more relevant post-pandemic, as people have been restricted to meeting virtually for so long. It is important to have this opportunity to get together and show the best of what the jewelry industry has to offer and we encourage all buyers to take some time to visit us in person during the event. 

Having said that, we appreciate the importance of new media and will be using this to enhance the experience of the show. We have partnered with renowned jewelry influencers, Katerina Perez, The Diamond Girl and Champagne Gem, who will be attending the event and posting real-time coverage, highlighting the participating brand’s latest novelties and spectacular creations. We will also be posting highlights from the show on our official Instagram @hautejewelsgeneva. 

Is it difficulty finding the balance between exclusivity and openness?
It has always been my intention that Haute Jewels Geneva remains an intimate and exclusive event. Since its inception, I have looked to form a partnership between some of the world’s leading and most respected jewelry brands. We all share a likeminded approach to business and jewelry creation, which has meant that we also share a vision for this event, and how best to meet with our customers. Each of the brands offers something unique and there is no direct competition between any of the participating companies. 

Haute Jewels Geneva will take place at the Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva:
30th March: 11am – 7pm
31st March – 4th April: 9am – 7pm
5th April: 9am – 2pm
Register your attendance online now at hautejewelsgeneva.com
Follow @hautejewelsgeneva on Instagram

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