Miseno Strengthens its Roots

Inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean, Miseno jewelry has disseminated the value of Made-in-Italy products throughout the world. Now the brand aims to strengthen the link with its homeland. Founder and Art Director Antonio Cardamuro explains

Miseno's fine jewelry creations have helped spread the mythology and history that pervade the eponymous city of Neapolitan origin around the world, starting from New York in the U.S., where you opened your first venue 10 years ago. Now, however, the brand is coming home....

Yes, ten years after founding Miseno in New York, we decided to open a new logistics and administrative office in Italy to strengthen our roots. This operation marks the first step toward a return home. The new headquarters is in Valenza, right where the three workshops in which our jewelry is made are located.

What’s the reason behind this decision?
Since ours is above all a Neapolitan and then an Italian brand, it was important to strengthen the link with the land of origin. It’s something I have always wanted! We did it mainly to give more support to the European markets where we intend to expand by initially starting to offer a local and therefore more effective customer service.

Strengthening the European markets began last September when you presented the brand to the public at Vicenzaoro. How did it go?
Our participation at Vicenzaoro September 2023 was a good experience. It allowed us to consolidate the value of the brand and its Italian identity as well as to make new contacts. Our product and its workmanship attracted a lot of people, even if they hadn’t known the brand before. A consumer's eye needs to become familiar with an aesthetic as distinctive as Miseno jewelry. It was an opportunity to present our most iconic collections and the new Procida. And we will continue next year by presenting a new version of Procida, again at Vicenzaoro.

Can you tell us more about the style of the Procida collection?
Like all our collections, it is inspired by the beauty of a Naples location. In this case, the uniqueness of the island of Procida and its coastline. It is a collection in gold and colored gems that evoke the vibrant colors of the village house fronts that overlook the sea. Its new edition, which we will be presenting in January, will, however, be made exclusively in gold and diamonds. Besides inspiration, what makes our creations recognizable is the way they are made: this is what we are banking on in order to attract a new European audience.

What do you expect from this European consolidation?
For the coming year, in addition to further enlarging the new operational headquarters in Valenza, we want to be present in at least 5 new outlets, selected from the best jewelry stores in Europe. We are mainly aiming at wealthy places, such as Paris, Milan, Florence, Rome, and Capri.

Is there anything new in the pipeline?
As part of our future vision, we plan to give the brand a new lifestyle identity, unleashing it from the exclusive world of jewelry and transforming it into a luxury brand. We have already introduced a handbag collection with the launch of the Mini Lalli model in October, while the rest will be released in January. We are looking forward to introducing it to the public.

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