Diala Makki for Privato Gioielli

Diala Makki is now creative director for Jahan by Privato Gioielli

Diala Makki story is a combination of talent and grace. According to Arabian Business, this journalist and producer is one of the top 100 most influential people under 40 in the region, representing the new generation in the Middle East and bringing together tradition and modernity. She received her undergraduate degree in communications and did a Master’s degree in international relations at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. Diala Makki is now the face of Dubai TV where she hosts the Mashaheer program on fashion. She is known for her cosmopolitan style and has more than 540,000 followers on Instagram alone, not to mention the more than 20,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and followers on Facebook. In January, Makki will also debut her entrepreneurial side with a line of jewelry.

You are a journalist, an international name, and now a businesswoman. How did this come about?
I always had it in my long-term plans to launch a brand in my name. But it was never a good timing and I always felt that I needed a real calling that I am passionate about. I believe that now is the right time to launch my jewelry collection with Privato Gioielli.

What are your expectations for this project?
I believe that the motivation was always in me. I always had a plan in mind. I admit that nothing is easy, if one is serious about making the right step. But meeting my cousin, the designer and co-owner, Ghazale Lebaschi, and knowing the high level of craftsmanship that is exercised in the production of Privato Gioielli, made me think that after my years of experience in visiting the biggest and most sophisticated ateliers in the world, and researching and reading all about this precious craft, that this is the right time and perfect project that I want to be involved in. Privato Gioielli is both the brand and the designer, and we are complementing each other by me being the creative director of my collections adding an edge to the brand and making the most of their expertise in design and hiring the best Italian craftsmanship for the production.

You are a co-owner as well as creative director. How do you strike a balance between these two positions?
I have been producing special fashion and luxury documentaries for eight years now and having met the most interesting fashion and jewelry designers and head of ateliers in addition to stones collectors and the archives guardians of the most prolific houses, I learned a lot from my conversations with them and I discovered along the way my true calling for being on the creatively leading side of a luxury house. Working on my specific line has brought a lot of excitement to me being able to create new designs betting it will get the attention of the chic and edgy persons who are looking to own special jewelry.

What is the inspiration behind your collections?
Inspiration is a process based on accumulation of images and information. I can honestly say that for the Jahan collection the inspiration was the juice of so many visions I had gathered over the years. You will find a lot of inspiration from the Arab and Persian heritage in addition to attention to detail and a general feel and direction towards geometric shapes and defined lines.

There is a great focus on jewelry in the Middle East. Who is this first collection dedicated to?
There is a general stereotype about Arab women that they only want to own big and shiny pieces. Well, not all of it is true but we definitely love jewelry, and especially the unique pieces. Main target is to create pieces that edgy women (and men) would enjoy wearing if they want to own jewelry that would be statement pieces but at the same time pieces that feels part of one’s own. Privato Gioielli is already a pre order custom-made house targeting clients that like the personalized and exclusive luxury service. The Jahan by Privato Gioielli collection is aiming at keeping this luxurious and exclusive feel and service by accepting special pre orders but at the same time we are in negotiations with a big group to be part of their niche brands. We aim to reach the right clients internationally being based in Italy mainly and having the edge of being also in my city, Dubai that will allow me to make it visible to the whole world.

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