Neiman Marcus: What Americans Want

Larry Pelzel of Neiman Marcus has an open-minded vision on the future of jewelry, and about Vicenzaoro January 2020

Vicenzaoro: the «place to be» for the Italian jewelry. What is still appealing of our manufacturing for an American buyer? Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It exerts a very broad influence on its designers through art, architecture, culture, and everyday life. Savvy Americans have and will continue to look to Italian design and style for what is hip and what is to come. Well made, fine materials, handcrafted characteristics of Italian made jewelry gives our associates sometime to proudly relay to our clients.

What are the main, strategic pillars for a department store like Neiman? We always look for unique designs that have an element of style, aren’t too complicated, are wearable, made of responsibly sourced materials, and are a sound value.

How much has the jewelry market changed in the last years?
Things are moving at a much quicker pace these days. Everyone is under pressure to partner with companies who have collections that can prove to be productive more quickly. There is less time and tolerance to slowly build a brand or prove it has merit. We are challenged with quick turn and faster ROI.

The future of the jewelry market. Online will continue to have more influence on the way we do business. Digital marketing and shopping on devices will become the norm, if they aren’t already. We can’t predict the future for precious, but sound value, well made, quality jewelry will always be in vogue.

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