Nisha Gir and the 3.0 Distribution

It starts with artisanal jewels. With a network of about 450 sales points throughout Italy, Aibijoux maintains a strong stable of brands known for excellence in the fashion jewelry segment

«I do not sell something I don’t like. And when I choose a new client to include in my ‘stable’, I need to have the approval of the entire team. The brand can’t compete with products that I already represent, and it needs to fill a different need, for example watches (the Danish Picto, our latest acquisition). I always look for a creative philosophy, that is part of a different price point.» Nisha Gir, the owner of Aibijoux, has very clear ideas for her distribution company which manages the commercial side of things, trade shows and network of agents for all of Italy for fashion jewelry brands like Ayala Bar, Dori Csengeri, Kurshuni, Sence Copenaghen, Alexandra, Babylonia and Mary Frances.

«Today, an efficient distribution network requires other tools to support it. Print, for example, always works, and digital as long as targeted strategies based on the age range and spending power. And maybe a blog, that we have recently launched to further promote the brands with a ‘story telling’ approach.» Jewelers represent the 85% of the company’s clients, and 60-70% of those clients purchase both Ayala Bar and Kurshuni. «Kurshuni has jewels in silver and CZ very well made, ranging in price from 60 to 100 euros. Ayala Bar is a completely different product. The price for the end consumer is mid-level. The earrings, for example, range from 80 to 250 euros with necklaces starting at 120. Each season, it comes up with new shapes, designs and colors for the materials. It has excellent sell out. We work throughout Italy, the real differences are internationally, not in terms of price but of tastes, which are completely different in Germany, France and Japan. Today, the fashion jewelry market is looking for research and innovation but, most of all, it wants companies that are solid commercially. The era of ‘flash products’ is over. That market is now saturated.»

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