Oroarezzo: The Premiere contest becomes digital

Today at 6 pm, live on Instagram on the Oroarezzo’s official account, the trade show’s Art Director, Beppe Angiolini, will present the contest’s theme and new format. Here’s his preview.

«Premiere’s new digital look celebrates jewelry as a symbol of the RE-START. A totally on-line reprisal that will adopt the language of the web and exploit all the potential of the social networks. This year, which marks the event’s 30th anniversary, we will not be setting a specific theme since we prefer to give the goldsmiths total freedom of creative expression to interpret this current moment as they best see fit. It seems illogical to impose a too restrictive limit in view of this historical, social and cultural period we are now experiencing. I think it more appropriate and coherent to let each company see this re-start in their own way, allowing their company culture and heritage, the only things able to transmit that emotion that jewelry alone can evoke, speak for themselves. As always, our panel of judges, which includes experts linked to the industry, will be awarding various prizes. The most prestigious will go to the company that manages to give the judges the greatest emotion. Then there will also be a prize for the item that communicates the idea of a Re-start in the most convincing manner; another for the piece that receives the most votes from the public on Instagram and, lastly, we will probably add an award regarding ethics for the first time. The prize-giving ceremony will take place next year during the trade show but intermediary steps are being planned during which the jewelry companies will be able to present their creations, using all the technological tools they feel appropriate, first and foremost, 3D techniques that now allow an item to be viewed so precisely that it is almost like holding it in your hand. I must confess that, since e-commerce began in the fashion world in 2001, I have always been skeptical about on-line buying. I am, above all, a supporter of the value of touch because materials ought to be felt and admired. But things have turned out differently and I must admit that the progress made in the clothing industry has been a revelation, even if buying in a physical store and on a platform depend on different things – in the first case, the experience that each store offers counts greatly while in the second, brand image is the most important factor. Of course, jewelry is another question; the approach is more difficult because the purchase is almost always linked to an emotion. But with this digital edition of Premiere, I’m sure that jewelry companies will, as usual, be able to demonstrate our culture and manual skills that only Made in Italy is able to offer». 

Beppe Angiolini, Art Director of Premiere and Honorary President of the Chamber of Fashion Buyers, will be launching the contest this afternoon during a live transmission at 6 pm on Oroarezzo’s official Instagram account. The initiative confirms IEG’s commitment to promoting the excellences of the national districts and the Arezzo territory, supporting companies in the post lockdown phase and flanking them in a digitalization process by providing them with highly professional services to improve their on-line presence and boost the visibility of their creations on the international markets with projects such as “Oroarezzo On Stage”, a virtual window that, through photos and videos, tells the stories of the sector’s players and new products and to which about a hundred or so companies have already adhered. Through Premiere, the aim of Oroarezzo and Italian Exhibition Group is to promote and enhance the creativity and superior technical skills of Made in Italy jewelry. The event, originating in the heart of the Arezzo territory as part of IEG’s trade show, which will be back in 2021, promotes the design, brilliance and urge for innovation within Italian industry, that “art of manufacturing” recognized and appreciated the world over
Regulations and entry form on www.oroarezzo.it.

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