Phillips Revolutionizes the Private Sales

Head of Private Sales at Phillips, Paul Redmayne tells us about the Buy It Now concept for jewelry auctions

  • Paul Redmayne

    Paul Redmayne

«While other auction houses are based on the traditional and predictable Harrods style, Phillips’ new space in New York is the Apple Store of auctions. This is what I have been recently told in an interview about Phillips. Phillips’ niche is “contemporary”, be it art and design or jewels. The famous maxim “evolve or die” has never been more relevant. Thanks to sites such as eBay, so many of us are familiar with the concept of auction, and what I do - private sales - is the Buy It Now function of eBay. Private sales are to auctions what bespoke/haute couture is to ready to wear: we can be all things to all people. In the same way that my contemporary art colleagues are at the forefront of seeing emerging artists and what’s happening in the art space, so we occupy a privileged position of having our finger on the pulse in terms of jewelry tastes, trends and directions. For example, we’ve been witnessing the steady growth of interest in Paraiba and spinel in the same way that we’ve seen smaller, younger designers launch themselves essentially through Instagram, and take on the heritage global brands with phenomenal success and speed. Our role is to serve our clients who look at us for all that is contemporary and The Next Big Thing. Nothing makes us happier than witnessing the little acorn we saw grow into a huge oak tree.»


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