Qudini: The New Idea for Retail

An innovative concept of r"etail choreography" to avoid queuing and respecting social distancing, thanks to Co-founder and Ceo Imogen Wethered's vision

Who Imogen Wethered, Co-founder and Ceo
Where London
Why Rethinking retail to avoid queuing and respecting social distancing
Web qudini.com

Coming up with a new idea of retail in order to offer customers a unique experience while also helping sales. This was essentially Qudini’s objective to begin with. But the English company specialized in managing retail processes found that the pandemic forced it to further expand its offerings, bringing the concept of retail choreography to the market. Retail choreography software programs allow for bringing customers into the store, offering an experience that helps engage consumers safely while following anti-Covid guidelines. Imogen Wethered, Co-founder and Ceo of Qudini, has come up with these systems based on her expertise, with features that include appointment scheduling, queue management, event booking and contactless payment. This tool can be tailored to the needs of each individual retail location. With more than 4,000 shops throughout the world using the system – including names like L’Occitane, Samsung, Tesco and the Brown Thomas department store, which is part of the Selfridges Group - Qudini is creating a new standard in distribution. «We have surveyed consumers in England», says Wethered, «And we can see how the pandemic has completely revolutionized expectations and how priorities have changed when it comes to shopping. Most consumers are very wary of going into stores so it is crucial to rethink the retail experience, keeping the limits of social distancing in mind as well as consumer sensibilities. The exponential growth of e-commerce has been the first consequence despite the fact that online has yet to offer a truly satisfying experience. This is where retail choreography comes in, offering an even more exclusive experience that is safe and, based on our survey, improving sales results with more substantial sales receipts.»

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