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Recarlo and Eco-Age Together for a Sustainable Supply Chain

Our Promise to You is the name of the new sustainability-oriented strategy that the Valenza company has just launched with a plan to fulfil a precious vow

  • From left. Paolo and Giorgio Re

    From left. Paolo and Giorgio Re

Paolo and Giorgio Re, owners of Recarlo, the historical Valenza company, and Livia Firth, Founder of Eco-Age, have come together to launch the new project entitled "Our Promise to You". A corporate strategy aimed at supply chain sustainability and one which strengthens Recarlo’s longstanding commitment to the Valenza district, the heart of goldsmith craftsmanship whose heritage is the best guarantee of excellence and authenticity. «Today is an extremely important moment for our companysays Paolo Re «because this launch is based on a set of values that our family has always possessed and which we constantly share with our collaborators. Sustainability is the mainstay of this system that has been ours since the company was founded. A path we have been treading for years and during which we have developed a series of actions and activities all with one very specific aim: to leave future generations with a better world and reduce environmental impact. The "Our Promise to You" project is in line with our brand strategy which mainly rotates around the world of celebrations, weddings, anniversaries and births with the solitaire as its most specific asset. "Our Promise to You" and its claim "We are investing heart and mind for a better tomorrow" are in keeping with our DNA and the actions we take will always be oriented towards leaving the younger generations with a better world, constantly bearing in mind the growing demand for a sustainable bridal world in ethical gold and diamonds. The project is based on three cornerstones: people, planet and product. The commitment to people lies in increasing their soft skills, promoting diversities and ensuring new opportunities, including jobs. As for the planet, we will make every effort to reduce environmental impact with the last activity in 2020 being the installation of solar panels that guarantees an important shift from fossil fuels to solar energy. Lastly, regarding product, we always pay great attention in terms of raw material traceability and transparency along the supply chain.»

A huge commitment and a declaration to the market that translates into concrete actions thanks to collaboration with Eco-Age. Livia Firth, the founder of Eco-Age, adds: «With Eco-Age we have learned that sustainability strategies are not easy paths to take, especially when they involve difficult supply chains such as that of jewelry. As you know, raw materials are hard to trace and it is not the brands’ fault. It has been wonderful for us to get to know Recarlo because, right from the beginning, they displayed enormous determination in wanting to go beyond the Valenza reality, in understanding where the materials come from, especially in terms of their engagement rings, which are Recarlo’s core business. A company that exudes an extraordinary air.»

Giorgio Re then goes on to speak about the product: «What we are doing is more than a promise. To give you a real idea, Recarlo is the only company that certifies smaller diamonds from 0.14 points. We also use various tools to distinguish between natural and synthetic diamonds. Traceability is something that is not so simple in our sector because the production chain is highly complex, from diamond and gold mining and jewelry manufacturing itself, three separate phases carried out in several different places. Eco-Age is now helping us with this part so that we can include smaller sustainable diamonds in our offer to the market. Diamond, besides being one of the most spectacular creations that nature provides us with, is an opportunity for those populations and nations that have this raw material in their sub-soil because they are able to fund schools and infrastructure from sales profits. Since last July, Recarlo has also been RJC certified, a highly prestigious recognition that once again certifies the central role that themes like responsibility and ethical work play. By adhering to this international system, Recarlo not only consolidates its own reputation but also that of its suppliers and clients. Constant commitment contributes to creating and strengthening working partnerships and to providing solid and safe foundations for sustainable growth. Belonging to such an extensive network also helps to create a community based on trust within the sector, which, in turn, leads to reinforcing consumer loyalty. Even in terms of ethics, Recarlo selects diamonds that exclusively come from countries that adhere to the Kimberley Process, the worldwide self-regulating program that only allows diamond trading from places where mining is controlled and protected,» Giorgio Re concludes.
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