Roberto Bravo: From Tradition to Digitalization

With the aim of growing globally, Roberto Bravo continues on its path mixing the traditional handcraft with innovation and digitalization, as explained by Mustafa Kamar, CEO of Turkish brand

Roberto Bravo has been synonymous of style and excellence for more than 50 years. In a panorama of upside-down logic, how can the original vision and values be kept alive?
We are continuously following the innovations and developments for the jewelry sector and thus, we are keeping our brand alive. We carefully follow what is going on in the market place. The world moves very fast and being fast in this period is very important. We are keeping our brand fit with our speed and thanks to the innovative team.

In almost 50 years of activity, what has changed in the jewelry business?
In the last 50 years, the most important things that have changed are technology and digitalization. 50 years ago, there wasn’t much demand, but we are experiencing a period now in which it is easy to reach the masses, the supply is plenty and the demand is selective. It is easy to reach the masses with both good things and bad things.  In my opinion, the most important change in 50 years is the balance between supply and demand, digitalization and technology.

The brand loves Italy in a particular way. What makes you stand out from the Made in Italy competitors?
Roberto Bravo is a global brand. It is a Turkish company with Italy origin, our designs are developed by Italian and Turkish designers. As it is known, Italy is the design capital and as a handmade, unique jewelry brand, we are separating ourselves from other competitors by using techniques, such as special designs and enamels, making us different to other brands.

Last year put every sector to the test, jewelry included… The balance at the end of 2021?
2020 also had an impact on our brand as it did for every other sector. We can also say that the luxury sector was affected even more. The consumption habits also changed together with the new normal. Our e-trade investments have increased therefore revival in our sector has improved as well.  We have now gone back to normalization, our exhibitions have started again, I am sure business will blossom more in the forthcoming days.

Let’s talk about creativity. What do customers appreciate the most of Roberto Bravo’s collections?
Our products are unique artwork with a special design; they are made thanks to specialized workmanship, using extraordinary pieces and different production techniques. Our designers create different and unique collections in Italy and Turkey and this makes us different from other brands. When the consumers wear our products, they feel themselves both extraordinary and different.

What are the skills in the new collections?
We are a brand that is inspired by nature. You will definitely find a touch of nature in our new designs. Unique and extraordinary collections will await you!

Future projects and new ideas?
We give a lot of importance to digitalization. We have dedicated serious investments and projects to this matter. Our target to grow globally is continual. You may see us in new markets soon. We are rather excited for our new projects. Please stay tuned with Roberto Bravo!

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