Simon Teakle: When Jewelry is a Pleasure

Finding great things. This is what motivates Simon Teakle, a gemologist and auction expert who opened a boutique and gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut, selling vintage, antique and contemporary pieces. Here old and new come together in the name of timeles

  • simon teakle

    simon teakle

Many people dream about turning their passions into a successful business, but not many truly achieve it. Simon Teakle is certainly one of these people, and he has achieved quite a few ambitious goals: making something out of space that had once been part of the fruit and vegetable market and transforming it into an elegant English-style boutique, making vintage jewelry contemporary, and, most of all, developing a strong link among jewelry, design, fashion, and art. Born in 1957, in England, Teakle certainly has elegance and re nement in his DNA. He has a degree in gemology from the National Association of Goldsmiths and spent twenty years at Christie’s as the director of the jewelry department. «The chase and selling something fabulous is fun,» he says from his o ce in Greenwich, where he opened his boutique in 2012. Today, it is an exclusive destination for those seeking rare jewels and objects in a range of prices and from various eras. «I decided to open my own business seven years ago. It had always been an ambition, to have the freedom to follow my own taste and judgment. I love working closely with clients, getting to know them and building the relationship.» Offering up the past in a contemporary way is one of his aims. «You have to follow business and embrace technology; nothing is done by just staying in the office. From auctions, to the internet, to art and jewelry fairs, there is in nite choice, so to be disciplined in what you buy and sell is very important for an individual identity». His elegant boutique features jewels from the eighteenth century and beyond. «I only buy things I like,» he says, like the antique ring by Marcus & Co. (1890 ca.), with a crown of emeralds and diamonds and a natural pearl in the center, or the Jar brooch (1993 ca.) with a series of ve multicolored crosses, decorated with tourmaline, garnet, emerald and diamonds. Their timeless beauty confirms the overriding sentiment that antique jewels have never been so contemporary. «Private collectors, resellers and auction houses. There are deals to be made in all of these categories, but discretion is everything,» explains Teakle. This is why he won’t say who bought the two latest pieces sold— ‘ The Martian Pink,’ a 12.04-carat diamond that sold for $17.4 million and two Georgian brooches, which can also be used as bracelets, sparkling with 32 carats worth of diamonds. «Jewels are a luxury: something rare and beautiful to be appreciated.» It is hard not to agree with him...

  • interior of simon teakle's boutique in greenwich

    interior of simon teakle's boutique in greenwich

  • a pair of georgian diamond flower brooches on detachable blackened silver cuffs, 1770 ca

    a pair of georgian diamond flower brooches on detachable blackened silver cuffs, 1770 ca

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