Snake Addiction

Everyone has a special way of adding beauty to their lives. Artist David Alexander Flinn does it with works that explores our primordial instincts and by sharing the values of a very special family

  • David Alexander Flinn

    David Alexander Flinn

To understand the meaning of contamination and hybridization, when we talk about art, jewelry and watches, we just need to go to Bulgari to meet the new ambassador, the young Italian-American multidisciplinary artist, David Alexander Flinn, a former face of Prada, Saint Laurent and Chloé. Today, immersed in the Bulgari family, David offers a revolutionary and provocative interpretation of nature and the contrasts with the industrial world. «I don’t love those who only work with what they know. This is why the creative innovation and passion Bulgari puts in everything it does are so close to my way of looking at art. A single vision that makes every piece special. I love the details and the two synthetic rubies I chose for the eyes of the stuffed python – the star of my work “Midnight Everything is Alright” is proof.» A dialogue that inevitably acquires precious allure when David reveals his love for vintage pendants. «On the two necklaces I wear, weighing 110 and 140 grams, there are around thirty to forty pendants of all types: crosses, a Beretta, a Maserin knife... They are the diary of my life.»

  • David Alexander Flinn's artwork

    David Alexander Flinn's artwork

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