Stefano Marchetti's Revolutionary Concept

Goldsmith artist. This is how the author of authentic wearable sculptures defines himself, as he explains here the fine line between “artistic product” and design

  • Stefano Marchetti

    Stefano Marchetti

«I think that the status of “artistic product” exists when it is able to offer an unprecedented point of view, a different use, something that is, even minimally, revolutionary. By revolutionary I don't necessarily mean the act of overturning a previous model, but more of one that adds something authentic and significant able to expand its potential. In such a fluid context as contemporary jewelry, I would say that, in this respect, the differences between design and art are minimal. Quotations and references have frequently been made since the onset of this dual classification of the ideational process. There are, however, characteristics linked to the nature of single or multiple pieces, as well as specific stylistic and market characteristics related to the two different environments. It has probably always been this way since the beginning of the human adventure: the creator of a particular type of necklace made during the Neolithic age was an artist, a designer and a craftsman rolled into one. It is no accident that, should the idea for that necklace have become widespread, it would have led to reproductions by other workers, made with different technical procedures or aesthetic variations.» Stefano Marchetti's works are exhibited in the Art Room of the Jewellery Museum in Vicenza. A pupil of Francesco Pavan, Stefano Marchetti condenses in his creations the love for the material, the obsession for experimentation and respect for the goldsmith tradition.

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