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Fashion and jewelry as a head-to-toe look. This is the path taken by Tasaki’s creative director, Prabal Gurung, who is now launching his rst jewelry collection, Surrealism

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Prologue. The year 1954 marked the establishment of a new Japanese luxury company Tasaki, which would revolutionize the world of pearl jewelry. The brand’s desire to experiment led to daring practices like slicing pearls in half, hollowing them out, and inlaying them with gemstones. Continuing this tradition of audacious jewelry making, Tasaki’s creative director Prabal Gurung searched for new ways of using pearls in his first collection, “Surrealism”, introducing pearl jewelry to those with more unconventional tastes. «I am not from the jewelry industry, and for me, there is no taboo in the ways pearls can be fashioned,» says Prabal Gurung - the New York based fashion designer who joined Tasaki in 2017. Born in Singapore, he grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal, and later moved to the United States, where he launched his eponymous fashion brand 10 years ago. It quickly became synonymous with exquisite quality and innovation, bringing him recognition among celebrity clients. Prabal’s “Surrealism” collection for the Japanese jewelry house consists of bold chokers, bracelets, earrings and rings that celebrate freeform aesthetics, and offer consumers a different approach to traditional styling. « My role was to look at jewelry from various perspectives, and to understand what place it has in a woman’s closet - where she is going to wear it and how she is going to complete her look with it», shares the designer, who sees jewelry as an integral part of a fashion line. For his Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, Prabal Gurung adorned models in his latest Tasaki creations. Supermodel Bella Hadid headlined on the catwalk, wearing a pair of statement earcuffs embellished with four rows of pearls streaming down her neck. Pearls then returned to Prabal’s Spring/Summer 2019 ready-to-wear runway show, as according to the designer: «I am here to offer styling options. I think the beauty of our time is that every woman has a choice about how she wants to present herself, and I am here to present my own version of it.»

  • prabal gurung

    prabal gurung

  • surrealism collection

    surrealism collection

  • surrealism collection

    surrealism collection

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    Atelier Surge 2018 Earrings Ring Diamond

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