Ten Years of Voodoo Jewels

Livia Lazzari's Roman brand celebrates its first decade with a series of projects aimed at promoting authentic beauty, both in jewelry and in the women who wear it

  • Livia Lazzari

    Livia Lazzari

A new collection, a selection of iconic jewels and special editions and a photographic exhibition dedicated to “I'mperfect Beauty”, a touring project.... Last weekend, Roman designer Livia Lazzari brought the artistic and impeccably “imperfect” universe of Voodoo Jewels to Milan to celebrate the brand's tenth anniversary with an immersive event: a three-day pop store, inaugurated with a special evening on 12th May at the Fondazione Kenta, where items in the new “Une Histoire Voodoo” collection, as well as best sellers from earlier ones, could be admired and purchased. Furthermore, people were also able to immerse themselves in the rich inner world that brings Voodoo Jewels to life. «At Voodoo Ten, the celebrations held in Milan from 13th to 15th May at the Fabbrica Sassetti warehouse, I presented the new Voodoo image, together with the new website, the latest collection and a lot of other things. After ten years, I felt the need to give my project a new face because both I as a designer and my jewelry have changed.» It is an increasingly intense imagery that Livia expresses through the creations of “Une Histoire Voodoo'” where, for the first time, her big and bold design “meets” the natural elegance and delicacy of precious stones. «Through every detail and every shade, the collection describes a woman who is femininity and pure instinct rolled into one. Perhaps it isn’t just a few months that I have been working on this collection, I may have been doing it my whole life, ever since I started experimenting with Murano beads as a child and leafing through a book on the jewelry of Nefertiti that my archaeologist aunt had given me. The iconic and experimental design of Voodoo Jewels has finally met the wild beauty of natural and precious stones, but rather than being a point of arrival, it is a new beginning for everything that will be Voodoo Jewels in the future.» A new future that will not, however, lose the creative intentions of the present and the past. In other words, putting women's bodies in touch with their inner selves and promoting a natural and unconventional type of beauty. In fact, the “Voodoo Ten” anniversary also marked the occasion for definitively sanctioning the brand's new image through a new chapter of the photographic project “I'mperfect Beauty”, which celebrates the relationship that women establish with their own bodies. «The photographic project, which I have been pursuing with photographer Martina Scorucchi, speaks of our ideal of true beauty. It aims to celebrate diversity, imperfection and women who are not afraid to be themselves and want to be unique. From Rome to Barcelona, from New York to Paris, we went in search of spontaneous and imperfect beauty. A beauty that doesn't fade with time, that doesn't follow trends, that doesn't talk about how you appear but rather about who you are. Because we are sick and tired of Photoshop. We turned strangers into friends and models, asking them to share their style and personality and their idea of authentic beauty. On the street during the shoots, women became models for Voodoo Jewels.»

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