The Anma's Form

Light-weight jewelry that brings with it the light and color of Greece, the land of Maria Anagnostara

When i was a child, i loved to collect jewelry. I had so much, ancient – like this which belonged to my grandmother (she says, displaying her wrist) -, vintage and modern». Greekborn Maria Anagnostara is attending Vicenzaoro with her brand, Anma, for the third time in the Creation area. «I studied marketing but I didn’t like it. I wanted to do something of my own. When I opened the drawer where I kept my jewelry collection, I decided that I wanted to learn this profession. I studied in Athens, my home city, and then went to Florence to study jewelry design», she continues. «I wanted to start designing silver jewelry and I used to dream of spending six months selling it on the island of Paros where my mother was born. But I have never done that. I was contacted by a company and I began designing gold and diamond jewelry for them». Vicenzaoro has brought her luck. It was here that she met a compatriot who encouraged her to start her own line. «I love light-weight jewelry that gives off light, it recalls the sun and sea and emits calmness and good energy. This is why my first collection reproduces the evil eye, which is called Mati in Greek. It is a lucky symbol and also represents the third eye, the eye of intuition, which allows you to see things from the right perspective. At this edition I am exhibiting Animal Kingdom – which includes numerous animals: turtles, seahorses, butterflies as well as elephants, the inspiration for which came to me at a nature reserve in Thailand – and Blooming Garden, made up of flowers. The cut of the stones is very particular and all done by hand in our workshop in Athens». The very summery Sea Treasures line is well worth seeing first-hand and would look wonderful against a tanned skin.

Anma 2


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