The Democratization of Digital

The first SPA, Social Promotion Association, that aims to divulge digital topics in the jewelry world

  • Pietro Tibaldeschi, founder and president

    Pietro Tibaldeschi, founder and president

Goldsmith42’s mission to democratize jewelry companies’ transition to digital technology is certainly ambitious, but the founder of this unusual cultural association, Pietro Tibaldeschi, saw a gap that needed to be filled and so he put together the necessary elements and launched an original and unprecedented consulting model for companies. «The whole thing was inspired by an article in the Harvard Business Review, which reported on how Florentine workshops during the Renaissance knew how to innovate better than those in Silicon Valley today. This made me think, and so I decided that I could and should put my own spin on it by offering companies my experience in the digital world, which is now indispensable and yet still undervalued and not taken as much care of as it should, especially in the goldsmiths' sector, which is, and remains, somewhat "old style". So, thanks to the recruiting enacted by Goldsmith42, the encounter between companies and young experts in technologies such as CRM, crowdfunding, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc... becomes an immediate reality, opening up new paths for both. We are basically the tutors of projects that otherwise could not be created, or at least not as quickly and effectively. And to do this, we also collaborate with other associations in the area, such as the InValenza association, with the common aim of adding value to local entrepreneurship.»

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