The Ethical Collection of Jem

Called Étreintes, the ethically-minded collection by Jem Paris is inspired by mother-of-pearl and South Sea pearls

  • Pauline Deltour

    Pauline Deltour

The pearls set within an embrace of yellow gold from the Étreintes collection, designed by Pauline Deltour, come straight from the heart of the Pacific Ocean. An independent brand whose name, Jem, is already a trademark: Jewellery Ethically Minded. The entire collection revolves around pearls harvested in the Fiji archipelago, where they represent 0.1% of Oceania’s entire production, which, in turn, represents 4.6% of world production. A natural and rare range with unique, vibrant colors and no additives, the pearls selected by Jem Paris come from a farm owned by Justin Hunter, a marine biologist who cultivates “responsible” pearls by raising the local population’s awareness of the need to protect marine ecosystems. This is where the Étreintes collection originates, a line that, since its very launch last December, has set itself the goal of exploring new territory for the brand by using materials often adopted in traditional jewelry: pearl and mother-of-pearl. A collection that stands out for its ingenuity and elegance, adorned with pearls that reveal new, unique, intense and vibrant colors: blue, green, gold and bronze. Jem Paris' jewelry has been pursuing a specific mission for ten years now: to inspire beauty, stimulate a progressive movement and act for the future. Since its launch, all its creations have been modelled in France, in Fairmined-certified ethical gold and, in 2018, Jem Paris made a bold and visionary choice by introducing lab-created diamond. A pioneer of sustainable and conscious jewelry, with this new collection Pauline Deltour aims to actively participate in one of the causes most dear to the younger generations: protecting the oceans and safeguarding coral reefs. With its jewelry, Jem Paris supports the Coral Guardian association, which has been working to restore the seabed in Indonesia since 2012 and, more recently, also off the coasts of Spain.

  • Étreintes ring with natural pearl from Fiji

    Étreintes ring with natural pearl from Fiji

  • Three different rings from Étreintes collection

    Three different rings from Étreintes collection

  • Mother-of-pearl and gold bracelet, Étreintes collection

    Mother-of-pearl and gold bracelet, Étreintes collection

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