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From 22nd to 24th February, the Dubai World Trade Center will be hosting the first edition of JGT Dubai, the future supply chain hub for the Middle East. Adelaide Ruzzi, Project Leader, Jewellery & Fashion Division at IEG, explains

  • Adelaide Ruzzi

    Adelaide Ruzzi

«It will be three important days running in conjunction with the Expo, which ends on 31st March. It will be a smart, international, exclusively business-to-business event, aimed at wholesalers and importers from an area that we could limit to a 6/7- hour flight from Dubai. In addition to the Middle East, the main countries of origin will be all of Africa, Russia and western Asia. An important operation for the entire sector that has been set up thanks to IEG's desire to internationalize the "Italian jewelry system", and which will include collaboration with ITA, the Italian Trade Agency, for buyer incoming. It has also found a strategic partner in Informa Markets, which already organizes the most important events in the Far East, including Hong Kong. These two giants have been working side by side for months to ensure that JGT immediately becomes a winning reality in the wake of the claim chosen for the promotion: "Dubai, the new beginning!". Locally, we have also sealed a strong partnership with leading stakeholders in the sector. I am referring to Gold Souk and Dubai Gold and Jewelry Group, a melting pot of the most important buyers for export throughout the Middle East, as well as DMCC and Dubai Multi Commodity Center, the largest free trade zone in the UAE. IEG has selected the companies on the basis of their target audience and we can say that they really liked the project. Of the over 300 companies that have already signed up, more than 100 are Italian, and of these, about 40 come from Arezzo and Florence, about 50 from Veneto, and the rest from Naples, Valenza and other national production areas. The reason for the massive participation of Tuscan companies is easy to explain: the Emirates market almost exclusively uses yellow gold, with 18/22/24 carat titles, a natural vocation for the Arezzo district, whose number one foreign market, followed by the United States, has been Dubai for several years now. There will also be a Turkish hall, an Indian hall and numerous European companies. The range includes brands producing goldware, silverware, jewelry, accessories, semi-finished products and technology, right up to the latest devices, thus covering the entire supply chain. One thing is certain: this is an initial step, and a courageous one at that, considering the period we are all coming out of. And JGT will grow over time, in the medium and long term, because companies that want to look to the future must focus on Dubai. We at IEG will be at their side, even anticipating other moves. So much so that we are already scouting for other destinations in which to export the same format. Work in progress, always!»

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