The Noble Soul of Jems

Santi Choudhary’s passionate words about the start and evolution of the brand Royal Gems & Arts, the icon of the jewelry history of Rajasthan

  • santi choudhary

    santi choudhary

«My family was one of the first prominent families to establish itself in Jaipur, “the Pink City,” when in 1727 AD Maharaja Shri Sawai Jai Singh, the Hindu Rajput ruler moved the capital of Rajasthan here from Amber. Our forefather, Choudhary Kushal Singh, was invited by the king to bring all his business here. As they were considered masters in financial and administrative matters, they minted coins and levied duties by order of royal authority. Over the years, my ancestors’ penchant for creativity and artistic sophistication combined with the innate elegance of the jewelry craft have earned them an almost legendary role in the world of precious jewels. Since then, we have maintained strong relationships with noble families the world over. The reality in which I grew up is in itself special. Royal Gems & Arts is headquartered in a traditional eighteenth-century Haveli. The beauty of this aristocratic residence comes from a fascinating combination of bright colors from the Rajput Middle Ages and the remnants of Victorian inspiration, as revealed by a complex cycle of frescoes on the walls and ceilings, some of which are considered among the best examples of art in our country. It is like a small museum, hidden behind a mighty colonnade, which in turn conceals a treasure of sparkling gems and jewels. The collections shown here offer an enchanting image of the Choudhary heritage. This Haveli is a sort of treasure trove overflowing with dreams that become reality for every jewelry collector who visits India and Jaipur, someplace no one should miss. I am fortunate that even my children are enlivened with my same passion and our collaborating artists’ main goals are that of outdoing themselves with ever more spectacular creations. Their designs reveal a particularly appealing combination of oriental tradition and western innovation, creating a magical balance between the high value of the gems and the fluidity of forms, known for the sober color combinations of the stones and the grace of certain intricate details. The most exciting aspect of my work are the gems and the art of jewelry itself, with wonderful creations that are realized every day before my eyes. The pleasure of having some of the rarest and most divine objects in my hands feeds my soul and even when I am sleeping, I dream about them. I can never disconnect from this thought. I often think about how many precious stones are still in the heart of the earth, in the mines. This thought fosters great marvel and a profound wonder for nature within me and in its highest sense. My love for strong, highly nuanced sensations leads me to appreciate, caress and share the beauty of gems, inspiring me to transform them into something seemingly alive. In Indian tradition, we believe gems have the power to change the lives of each and every one of us. Being surrounded by stones so powerful and full of energy, able to transmit positive energy through the hand, which I in turn pass on to the wearer and to their next holdermakes me happy, and makes my job the most wonderful of the world.»

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