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The Outsider of Haute Horlogerie Guest in Vicenzaoro

"Giorgione", outsider collector in the world of timepieces, will be amongst the protagonists of the upcoming September edition of Vicenzaoro

  • "Giorgione"

«The reason for “Giorgione’s” attendance at Vicenzaoro can easily be explained. The idea arose spontaneously from Marco Carniello, Global Exhibition Director Jewellery & Fashion of IEG, who had already for some time wanted to bring the world of watchmaking back to the Vicenza Boutique Show, obviously in a different key and with another format than at Baselworld in the past or the more recent Watches and Wonders. And this is where “Giorgione” comes in. As a non-profit collector - we might even say, sector outsider - he has always seen and interacted with companies in a privileged role compared to a simple enthusiast, and that is how he understood how “revolutionary” it might be to offer amateur addicts the chance to meet designers, engineers, entrepreneurs... And now, thanks to IEG and the new VO’ Clock Privé format, all this is a reality. You can sit in one of the elegant lounges set up at the Show and satisfy your curiosity, discover collections and even buy something. A format that is now part of Vicenzaoro, making it a one-of-a-kind event. A concept that has not only broken barriers but is also useful for brands, which, in this way, have direct feedback from the end buyer without the filter of retailers or the impersonality of the web. And the same goes for IEG’s event, VO vintage, since the qualities of yesterday and today’s timepieces can be compared all in the same place.»

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