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The Perfect Band? At JCK, with Esmé by Aspire Designs

A complete collection of rings with pavé diamonds, designed in Hong Kong

The same technique and precise engineering such as watches, aerospace and high performance vehicles. And a groundbreaking method which allows to achieve flawless finishing and increased efficiency. These are the plus of Esmé Jewellery, one of the brand of Aspire Designs company, based in Hong Kong, that is on show at JCK with the Perfect Band series. A 18K gold diamond bands made with fully automated precision machinery in jewelry industry. Open and closed channel, prong, pave, bezel, micro-prong, micro-pave diamond settings create one of the most complete collections of rings. A strong identity of the brand is to bring a true value to its customers for basic products, always maintening a premium and consistent quality, starting from no porosity in the metal and zero defects.

Aspire Designs Fine Jewelry is a group based in Hong Kong, with four different brands: Esmé Jewellery, Vida, Sàwel and Mvee. 

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