The Showroom of The Future

Davide Martini and Matteo Farsura from IEG explain how and who will exhibit at Voice, the September event that will re-boot the industry

Imagine something different to normal, something successful. And above all, do it immediately. Now. This is the input being received from IEG’s headquarters and Fiera di Vicenza. And the reason is clear: acting quickly is imperative for getting the Italian jewelry industry back on track in the best possible way. The team has already been at work for weeks, including those members who are coordinating what will be the Look&Feel of Voice, the new format designed to re-boot the sector. 

Brand Manager Davide Martini had this to say on the matter: «Voice has been created on the basis of the needs and problems that the market is facing at this particular moment. The stands have been designed as open modules bearing in mind the need for social distancing for safety reasons. Generally speaking, there will be an overall uniformity, a mood, purposefully defined and studied by IEG’s team of experts, which will create the atmosphere of a large showroom with the elegance for which Vicenza trade shows always stand out. Except for the necessary personalization and identification of each company, there will be no difference in the grandeur and style of individual brands. Besides the health safety requirements, we firmly believe that, now more than ever, opening up physically to compare with others is necessary, not only for the buyers, who will finally be able to personally admire and touch the new collections that have been stuck in the drawer up to now, but also for colleagues. It is the only way to understand what the most pressing problems to face and resolve together are in order to get the industry up and running again. After all, shutting yourself in a stand, even “just” to protect one’s own product from the competition, is pointless now since it only needs to be photographed by an influencer or a buyer and it is on line in a flash. This emergency could force us to break away from certain old habits. The format is called Voice for the exact purpose of giving everyone a voice, in a reciprocal exchange of information and opinions by those who carry the sector forward. In short, the impression will be of taking part in a great international event, deliberately unrelated to Vicenzaoro, with a smarter tone, in line with the times we are currently experiencing. Hall 7, which usually hosts Vicenzaoro’s most striking stands, will become a boulevard with 5-meter high trees to create a pleasant allure and extremely peaceful atmosphere for all the visitors. September has always been the most important time of the year because it falls at the right moment for stocking up for Christmas and it was therefore absolutely indispensable for us to give our exhibitors a strong signal.» 

September will not only see brands exhibiting their new ideas at Voice since those who deal with all the various steps along the supply chain, from high-tech companies to those dealing in semi-processed goods, will also be in attendance. “Voices” followed directly by Matteo Farsura, Brand Manager Jewellery & Fashion at IEG. «The impact of suddenly experiencing a crisis like this has brought us closer and made dialog easier so that the need to give the added value of physical contact back to our customers immediately became tangible. Due to processing complexities, Italian manufacture, more than any other sector, needs to be appreciated first hand. That is why we immediately began to imagine an easier and sleeker format that would still include an area dedicated to product display and, at the same time, also give companies the right technological support so that they can remain in the market, adequately equip themselves and construct their digital showcase. Continuing to do business only in the traditional way is now no longer plausible and so, in order to be competitive, you may as well be prepared. We therefore decided to place IEG’s considerable know-how at the disposal of our customers and, during these difficult weeks, we have encouraged meetings between the companies and those who could provide them with the right service. One of the greatest difficulties that entrepreneurs often come up against is, in fact, deciding on the most suitable partner and we have been helping them in this delicate phase to integrate the demand and supply encounter virtually, perhaps even by simply updating their websites and posting professional photographs that enhance the product’s features. While in the very first weeks of lockdown, requests for this kind of support came mainly from jewelry companies, bit by bit, as the weeks went by, they were joined by high-tech and machinery producers which have obviously felt the impact of the lengthy manufacturing standstill. All the steps along the supply chain, from machinery to the finished jewel, will therefore be well represented at Voice and the subdivision into themed areas – technology, production, brand fashion and high jewelry – will make getting around easier.»

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