The Song for Women by Fossil and Cedella Marley

To mark Women's Day, Fossil and Cedella Marley have launched a capsule collection inspired by the reggae legend's famous song “One Love”

  • Cedella Marley

    Cedella Marley

“One love, One heart. Let's get together and feel all right”! Who, on reading those words, would not recognize one of the most famous verses of all time? It was 1977 when Bob Marley first sang One Love, a song that would become one of reggae's most iconic. « My father wrote One Love more than forty years ago, talking about unity, peace and universal love at a time when there were many problems in the world,» said Cedella Marley in an interview a couple of years ago. «Even in a time when we are not able to be together, his message is still true: we can overcome this global crisis if we unite through one love and one heart.» A statement that continues to be of enormous significance for the eldest daughter of the reggae legend. Writer and singer as well as designer, Cedella has just created a collection in collaboration with Fossil, which will be launched on Women's Day. Referring to the famous song One Love and Jamaica's stylistic heritage, the capsule embodies the spirit of unity and solidarity through the vibrant design of a watch, necklace, backpack and clutch bag, all featuring the words “One Love”. In line with Fossil's ongoing commitment to the #MakeTimeForGood initiative, 25% of the proceeds will be donated to World Pulse, a non-profit organization that, through social networking, is committed to bringing about social change by empowering women. Moreover, Fossil will donate $10,000 to the Bob and Rita Marley Foundation to support the activities of the Jamaican National Women's Soccer Team, of which Cedella Marley has been an international ambassador since 2014, to help create a level playing field for young Jamaican girls, using football as a means for their emancipation, and access to higher education, so that they can achieve both on and off the field. «I'm delighted to be celebrating Women's Day with Fossil,» says Cedella. «Not only have I been able to create a collection inspired by One Love, a text to which I am deeply attached, but Fossil has also given a generous donation to the Bob and Rita Marley Foundation in support of the Jamaican Women's National Football Team. For the past seven years, I have been its international ambassador, campaigning for fundraising and raising awareness. What better way to celebrate this day than to give more visibility and power to these non-profit organizations?»

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