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THE TALK: A Heart to Rediscover the New Meaning of the Concept of Bond

Alessia Crivelli, Marketing Manager at Crivelli, speaks about the origin of the “Now more than ever” project, a video, a collection, a message of love, the heart of our daily life. In collaboration with photographer, Fabrizio Ferri

A video by Fabrizio Ferri, a communication campaign that focuses on new visual languages to launch the new "Ora più che Mai" – Now more than ever – collection. A line that represents a glimmer of hope during these times of great collective confusion, explained here by Alessia Crivelli in a tone of voice and the words of someone who always sees the light at the end of the tunnel. «The project was created before the actual collection thanks to the support and backing of an exceptional professional like Fabrizio Ferri, who, through this video, managed to give shape to emotions, drawing out something extremely powerful without the aid of music. Through his expertise, he has given voice to the emotion between the two protagonists by symbolically using the wind to blow away fears, pain and all those negative sensations with the sound of bells. The launch campaign for the "Ora più che mai" collection, focuses on positivity and beauty. It brings to the fore emotions that, prior to Covid, we had no time to experience, it goes back to the roots. A campaign that resumes the concept of the art of kinstugi, so that, in the most transparent pain, a very strong light always shines through,» Alessia Crivelli explains. But what does this collection really represent? «We wanted the heart to feature throughout the project. A heart that is already part of our daily lives because it is taken exactly from the emoji we use daily on whatsapp. The emoji that ends our virtual conversations every day has become tangible here and been transformed into a jewel in two shades of gold, pink and white, enamel and diamonds. A jewel that has an even stronger symbolic value than in the past and to which we wanted to give several meanings with four different versions:  "Embrace", the heart that, more than the others, faithfully portrays the emoji’s connotations and profiles; "Infinity", featuring an interlacement that encases all our values; “Together”, created from the union of two smaller hearts; “United”, which represents two arms holding each other tightly. Despite being only recently launched, "Ora più che mai" is already an iconic collection in the Crivelli world,» Alessia adds. This project makes seemingly intangible emotions real… «That’s right. We wanted emotions to materialize and transmit the true sense of what we are feeling. In the video, the young couple see each other, cannot speak, are afraid. In order to tone down the emotion, the girl takes her phone and sends him a heart. He opens the message and sees the red heart.. So, we wanted to turn what was only in the air into something real. Despite everything, feelings and love are always there and we have to make them seen and heard. Now more than ever, in these times of collective fear, we have to draw them out because beauty continues and it will save the world,» Alessia Crivelli concludes.


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