The Talk: Fratelli Dinacci’s Fighting Spirit

Flavio Dinacci, the family’s third generation and CEO of Fratelli Dinacci, speaks about the winning policies that have led the Neapolitan company to continued success over time

Last year put every sector to the test, jewelry included… How did you deal with it?
It was an exhausting year, much more difficult than usual. The company resisted well despite the crisis that we were all forced to face. There are those who lost a lot, we are happy to have only registered a 20% drop in turnover. 

Did you adopt any particular strategies to tackle the standstill caused by the Covid crisis?
We didn’t need any different strategies to those we were already adopting. For years, our company has been focusing on customer loyalty and this type of policy also rewarded us during this challenging historical moment. 

What exactly is your loyalty policy?
To form a continuous relationship over time built on mutual trust that we have consolidated with our Club Card. This club, which now counts 1,500 members, allows all our customers to receive personal care in fulfilling their orders and also offers them numerous advantages and benefits. Moreover, it gives us the chance to continue with an orderly sales method throughout the year. We are not interested in one-shot sales; we prefer to have stable relations with selected customers and grow with them.    

What do your customers appreciate the most?
Our prices, our quality, our kindness but, above all, our honesty, something that has never changed in three generations. In terms of jewelry mounting producers, we have been the ambassadors of Made in Italy for 100 years. 

Today - Wednesday 19th May – you're in Milan at the meeting organized for the UYBA (Unet e-work Busto Arsizio), the Series A volleyball team that you sponsor. Can you tell us about this particular connection you have always had with sport? 

The connection comes mainly from a personal passion which has, over the years, led us to select classy, elegant and athletic ambassadresses for Fratelli Dinacci who would best represent our products. Sport teaches people to be competitive and loyal, attitudes that are needed if you want to stand out in the jewelry world. As our greatly acknowledged success in the sector goes to prove.

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