THE TALK: I Think Positive

Yana Nesper and her desire for optimism. Starting from a look towards a “green” future, made of more responsible production and purchasing

How has this crisis changed your way of doing business? 
The beginning of the year 2020 was very promissing for our brand Yana Nesper. Our strategy was to expand in Europe and to prepare our launch in the US. During Vicenza Oro and Inhorgenta we had many enthusiastic meetings. But then the lockdown and cancelling of Couture Show in Las Vegas changed our plans. Realistically we have to adjust our expectations for 2020. Our target now is to maintain every single job. We will endure this crisis without cutting jobs. We are a healthy company with a strong vision for future and we will succeed.

Have you introduced any initiatives to reduce the impact of this situation caused by COVID-19 to a minimum? 
Luckily we never had a hard lockdown in Germany. Our company was always able to continue its operation. We have been working in 2 shifts in the office and in the production, wearings masks and keeping distance from the beginning of March. 

What worries you most about the future? 
Due to the uncertain situation for many people we will face less demand for luxury items in general in the next months. 

How has communication changed during the pandemic? 
We were always very activ in digital communication. For many years we have been using social media, newsletter marketing and influencer marketing. It is a part of our brand strategy. We try to spread more positivity. Elegant and beautiful content is the opposite pole to fear and worries, and we feel that people are very thankful.

Which is your priority to reach your clients, and what are you doing to keep a tight bond with them? 
In the beginning of the crisis I started posting personal videos, showing me playing piano recorded at home with my phone. The first song I recorded was “Volare” to support our italian friends, American Anthem and Beethovens “Ode to Joy” followed. It was my personal therapy during these hard weeks and the reaction was overwhelming. 

What is the positive factor that we will bring along with this (albeit dramatic) event?
I really hope people are more aware of what they are going to buy. I hope that from now on consumers will orient themselves on decidedly more significant pieces, personalized jewels with a story to tell, made locally with love, passion and a sense of responsibility, objects that I hope will play an important role, becoming true and own "treasures", capable of lasting a lifetime. Conscious consumption would also be an excellent thing for the environment, helping to safeguard it, such an important factor for our sector. Maybe you don't think about it, but the cultivation of pearls, for example, depends inextricably on the natural habitat, which must be clean and as balanced as possible.

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