THE TALK: Icon of Authentic Made in Italy

Digital innovation and a new store in Peking. Marco Bicego is stepping on the accelerator to tell the world the value of Made in Italy and Vicenza’s jewelry tradition

Let’s start from your latest news, the opening of a new boutique in Peking’s China World Mall last May. An important move, especially in such a delicate moment. 
As an Italian, I’m proud of being able to represent one of our national excellences: jewelry. I’m honored to be able to exhibit and get my brand known by opening the first Marco Bicego boutique in China, right in the capital. The project began a few years ago but we only managed to complete it recently, also thanks to the valuable collaboration of our local partner. 

What was the reason behind this choice and what do you expect from the Chinese market?
Since the days of Marco Polo, interactions between West and East have always generated particularly promising relations in cultural and economic terms. The two worlds, despite their distance, have always enjoyed elective affinity. That is why I have long wanted to open a Marco Bicego sales point in China: an important milestone for me, both from the point of view of global growth and brand expansion and the idea of being able to best express Marco Bicego’s identity and style. I am sure that the Chinese woman, thanks to her natural elegance, will easily identify herself in the values my jewelry expresses and will perfectly be able to represent concepts such as uniqueness and harmony which my work constantly refers to.

What are Marco Bicego’s strong points for the re-start?
Keeping the brand’s same spirit, values and philosophy. To be honest, in this particular moment, I have not changed anything substantial. Instead, I decided to invest our energies and resources in improving and perfecting what we were already doing well. 
My team and I are therefore working towards improving our product, where possible, in order to offer a better quality of service, guarantee greater assistance and closeness to our partners and better communicate who we are, what we are doing and the values in which we believe. 

What other foreign markets are you focusing on?
Our brand is highly appreciated abroad, especially on the American market but it is also growing in Germany and at home, in Italy. 

What, in your opinion, is the situation in Italy? 
It is hard to judge: we are still trying to understand how the market will respond after months of standstill and lockdown. However, I personally am definitely confident and positive. 

How did you take advantage of these lockdown months? What did you prioritize? 
During these months we wanted to speed up the company’s digital innovation process which we had already enacted. We are working to launch our new e-commerce: a showcase through which I want to speak about my brand in a new and contemporary manner. It will be on-line from 1st September. 

At this moment in time, how important is belonging to one of Italy’s most famous gold districts? 
It is essential for me. All my jewelry is created on our premises in Trissino in the province of Vicenza. It is hand-made in 18-carat yellow gold, respecting the techniques of the goldsmith tradition and I am renowned worldwide as an icon of authentic Made in Italy, the result of the know-how of a territory that has made Italian jewelry history. 

According to you, will the way of perceiving and buying jewelry change in the future? Or will we go back to the normality we were used to?
I believe that consumers will pay more and more attention to brand values and what the brand represents. Instead of a mere jewelry item, they will want something special and unique, something that is able to interpret their way of life. They will unite values and spirit. That’s why I want to find the best way to express who I am and what I believe in. 

What is the biggest challenge you will have to face?
I think it is important to review the buying experience both in the boutique and on-line. Those who go into the store want to experience brand identity, to be accompanied on a journey in search of the brand’s basic values and discover the story behind every single creation. They want to be able to choose with awareness. It is up to us to find the way to express these aspects and make them shareable. Speaking for myself, I will be doing my utmost: now more than ever, I want to stay in the front line, proclaiming the uniqueness of my work.

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