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THE TALK: It’s All About Listening and Doing the Best

Love over fear, but also a concrete support to the most vulnerable communities. This is the way to overcome the current delicate situation of Ana Khouri, one of the most talented and appreciate jewerly designers of the contemporary scenario

What is the overall situation in your country at the moment and what, in your opinion, does it need to re-start?
The situation in Brazil is getting worse by the day. I’ve been here since the beginning of lockdown, working on my non-profit called @projetoovo which helps 30 ONGs in need. We are helping the most vulnerable communities. There is a lot of work that still needs to be done, especially in the favelas and around the indigenous communities. In two months, we have donated more than $200,000 to Brazilians in need.

How much is this covid-19 emergency changing the way your business is going forward?
From the beginning, my work has been a way to communicate a sense of harmony and balance. Something so fundamental to life but so often muted by distractions - the interconnectedness of all that surrounds us. I’ve been focused on ways I can use my jewelry to make a difference. I've donated 100% of the proceeds from several pieces to raise funds for Covid-19 relief efforts. The pandemic cannot stop creativity. We can overcome this together, if we choose love over fear. I believe we are all going to come out of this more conscious of how we love, live and interact with the universe.

Did you think of any specific initiatives to ensure business continuity?
We are now focused on how we can help those around us that need urgent care. Taking this time to learn and adapt. We have been acting towards the benefit of our community as a whole. Now is the time to take action towards a global change of values. Our brand is a reflection of our beliefs.

Have you come across differences in perceiving this crisis depending on the market?
We believe now is time to think as a whole - even though each market has their own way of behaving - what we're going through is unprecedented and reflects on all markets. Our website sales have grown throughout, which we believe was to be expected. For us, it’s about listening and doing the best we can to navigate this crisis as one. 

What do you see as the greatest challenge that the jewelry sector will have to face? 
Being vulnerable and open to learn, accept and embrace change is the greatest challenge that the jewelry sector will face. Things will not go back to the way they were. I believe that those who are ready to rethink their ways will be ok. 

And what will be your greatest one?
Our greatest challenge is to able to stay true to who we are as a brand and what we stand for, and embrace all the changes at the same time.

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