THE TALK: Let’s Start Again from Color

Particular processing, natural stones and competitive prices. This is the strong point of all the collections by the Milor Group, captained by Albert Mouhadab, who tells us how color and quality can be more winning than ever

Before and after Covid-19: what has changed for your brand? 
Periods like the one we have just experienced are not pleasant but they can somehow contribute to personal and, even a company’s, evolution. This standstill has allowed us to review our methods and improve our efficiency, especially in the field of communication. We have worked remotely, focusing on creative thinking and on developing our collections. 

What is the current situation?
We are now concentrating on our determination to get things done and on maintaining our mission, in other words, to offer exclusive products at competitive prices. Our philosophy has always been to create jewelry for every-day wear. We will be focusing on that and aim to come up with targeted initiatives that will allow us to be ever closer to our customers. 

By trying to interpret the new needs of those who do not just buy from a stylistic viewpoint but also from a psychological one. We have learned to live without extras and it is highly likely that the fashion idea will simplify, but the desire to reward ourselves with a few treats will still be there. We are sure that the market will also undergo an evolution, people will be more tempted to buy local products. End customers always need a sense of belonging. 

Do you think, then, that your proposal could be a winning one?
We offer good quality at a competitive price. This leads us to believe that we can provide the right product since everyone wants to spoil themselves. At a time when life seems “gray”, our jewelry can make the difference. Milor collections are full of stones and color. Now more than ever, color can help lift our mood. Besides the new Bronzallure and Albert M. collections, last January we launched a re-edition of the Etrusca Gioielli line, with its particular processing, nickel-free materials and natural stones, it is ideal for the summer. Offering something unique and well-finished at an affordable price can be a winning move right now. 

In any case, the lockdown forced the market to stop. Do you think the jewelry sector will get off to a quick start? 
We are optimistic, we have always been. I think that the government’s actions have been quite intelligent, even if they did create discontent. I’m referring to initiatives like the Liquidity Decree, social safety nets that allow us to re-start gradually. Moreover, we have been supporting our employees where the State has not yet managed to. The challenge for recovery is becoming more and more global but I am positive. I don’t think it will be possible to achieve immediate results but everything can be overcome. That’s why we are here to work. Obviously, June’s turnover won’t be anything like last year. It might even take one or two years to bridge the gap that has been created. This year will be one of sacrifices, we have to put ourselves into play but, in any case, we have been working a lot. On-line business is growing and will continue to grow. We are constantly seeking to improve our digital systems. Being on the various platforms all over the world not only helps us to increase sales, it also strengthens our image and gets our content more widely known.   There are so many customers in the world, it is up to us to win them over. That’s how we are going forward.

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