THE TALK: Re-organize to Build a More Sustainable Future

Create a supply chain that has greater respect for ecology. These are the future perspectives of the designer who, with her collection, has always expressed a profound link with the energy of nature

How much is this emergency affecting your business?
This emergency has undoubtedly changed my way of working considerably. Production, sales and supplies; everything has stopped. Nevertheless, we are being forced to re-organize and reflect on the future. To be more precise, my thoughts are focused on what I could change in my way to create, depending on how things mutate, my perception of reality. Given that production and distribution have been forced to a standstill at the moment, I am focusing on my creative nature and, above all, on looking for materials, production and distribution methods that have the greatest respect for ecology. 

Have you undertaken initiatives to reduce the impact caused by this COVID-19 situation to a minimum? 
I have obviously stopped all the work. My main concern is my and my family’s health and how to face daily life serenely and creatively. 

What worries you most about what may happen? 
I am certain that the world, as we know it, will change forever. It is evolving in an unprecedented manner and we are having to adapt, day by day. We are all being forced to take another look at our convictions and to respect the rules with our own and others’ health in mind. I am absolutely convinced that we will find the right ways to overcome these difficulties. Obviously, I am worried.  We are not able to foresee the future and that is scary. At the same time, I am also very positive since it has been historically proven that, from every dark moment, strength and creativity can be found to re-establish serenity. 

Confindustria Moda Toscana has proposed a pact between companies, an anti-coronavirus supply chain. Do you think it could also work for the jewelry industry?
Absolutely. I think it is necessary and essential. 

Where do you think the biggest problems will be when we eventually come out of this emergency? How much does it depend on the various markets or on the behavior of individuals? 
Unfortunately, I have no clear ideas about this. We are experiencing an exceptional moment that I don’t think anyone has a precise idea about. I suppose that reaction times could be one of the problems. The coronavirus has struck at different times but globally, therefore recovery could happen at extremely different moments between the various markets. What is, however, very clear to me is that, this historical moment is teaching us that the individual does not exist unless you reason in terms of the unity of mankind, aware of the value of being part of a nation. Despite the need for social distancing, we are trying, in every way possible, to creatively construct a connection via the internet, such as the search for participation and solidarity though music. 

A positive message to send to the sector?
There is always calm after the storm; by levering on our creative abilities, we will find a way to face the future.

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