THE TALK: The New Claim? Adapt

The opinion of Franco Valerio, Marketing and Communication Manager at Caoro, the Vicenza company whose strength lies in combining technology with craftsmanship

Let’s talk about digitization. What has changed at Caoro during and after lockdown?
I joined the company five years ago with the precise aim of improving digitization and computerization processes. The substantial difference that I have found between pre- and post-Covid times is that, while we only communicated with our customers, that is, wholesalers, prior to the crisis, we are now also addressing the final public, creating ad hoc communication on the web and on the social networks. At the beginning of 2020, we had already started to develop a B2B platform to optimize our on-line order and re-order system, including samples and new products, and now everything is much faster, more streamlined and accessible. 
Yet, at the same time, I believe that the physical approach that Caoro has always maintained, will still be fundamental. We may not have huge amounts of customers but they are quality ones and we adore cultivating direct relations with them. Andrea and Carlo Caoduro, the founders, love to do it personally. And Carlo, being the Sales Manager, is a particularly empathetic person who knows how to transport the customer into the Caoro world. We produce highly distinct goods with particular processing and physically seeing and touching them is therefore necessary. 

What is the identikit of your customer type?
As I said, our company aims at a relatively high number of customers in the sense that we have one huge limitation which is, however, also our main advantage: the Caoro family employs about thirty internal collaborators, including artisans, technicians and marketing experts. The brand’s strength lies in a number: 95% of our production is made in-house, in our workshops, from chain manufacturing to gold pellets, and always following designs originating and developed within the company. This means that, as things stand, we cannot expand our production beyond a certain limit. But that does not mean we are not open to new situations. On the contrary. The brand has a global distribution through wholesaler channels that have acknowledged the quality of our proposals for years now. What never stops, and which never stopped even during lockdown, is creativity!

What is the situation on the various world markets?
Caoro exports 98% of its total production and the feeling is that nobody wants to take any risks. In West, North and South America, the situation is still at a total standstill. In the Middle East, uncertainty has the upper hand, so much so that our top customer has told us to complete the orders we had already received but wait on the rest. The same goes for African and Asian countries, even though they already appeared to be on the launching pad. Marginally, however, there have been some little surprises: requests for unique items have been coming through in recent weeks because what distinguishes us is our ability to unite technology with craftsmanship. Caoro also boasts three invention patents and not all companies can say the same. 

What item particularly represents you?
Spring Colour, the ring with which we won the Innovation & Trend award last year at Arezzo’s Premiere competition. It is part of the Bouquet collection dedicated to the energy of spring, female open-mindedness and the indisputable strength of women. A piece that well represents our style, as does the Eriu collection, which pays tribute to the Earth and life. Made in 18kt gold, it has wire inserts and diamond pellets, elements that are practically Caoro’s signature. 

The next steps?
It is a delicate time for everyone, not only for the jewelry industry. Adapt has become our new slogan, be aware of the reality of things. Previous rhythms led us to neglect certain aspects, now, on the other hand, we have, for example, renovated our internal production processes in terms of order receipt and development. And that’s not all. The recent experience has forced the company to see that we are ready to develop a direct sales portal. We are working on it.

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