The Talk. The New Format that Thinks of a Next Future

The new digital format VO + The Talk will start tomorrow, with a series of interviews to give voice to Italian and international companies and to guarantee continuity of information to the whole community

Pandemic. Covid-19. Coronavirus. Just over three weeks ago, no one would have thought that our world would be upset by something that is still unknown to us today. Pandemic, as it has been defined by the World Health Organization, comes from the Greek "pan", all, and "demos", people. Something that belongs to everyone, without subtraction of territoriality, which spreads without geographical boundaries, which spreads rapidly and hits hard. A very difficult and complex moment for all due to the uncertainties and great unknowns about what the future scenario will be, in the short, medium and long term. And, if it is true that, as Galileo Galilei said, "there is an opportunity behind every problem", never as now do we want to try to give ever greater continuity to the work, intensifying our presence and information activity through all our media. Hence the new digital project THE TALK, to give voice to the people who, with their commitment and their passion, support the jewelry industry and all the people who are involved in it at various levels. A way for us to be closer to companies, designers, retailers, the whole goldsmith-jewelry sector, continuing to promote the excellence of our community. The new interview format THE TALK was born in a moment of emergency, so that companies can increasingly recognize themselves in VO + as their reference and support media. Many personal stories to share together and, why not, to think together about how to work to plan and build our new, near future.

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