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THE TALK: Tiny Precious Realities Not To Be Forgotten

Focus on the creativity needed to re-start and on implementing the on-line service. Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia’s strategic moves for her homonymous jewelry brand

How much is this crisis changing the way your business is going forward?
My company is small and we are trying to implement and integrate our current sales network with e-commerce, entrusting in sector experts in order to manage orders remotely. I am trying to take advantage of this standstill to find out more and to investigate further into themes that will lead me towards designing my new collection. As soon as everything starts up again, the real development will begin. 

Have you undertaken any initiatives to reduce the impact of this situation caused by COVID-19? 
We are continuing to work, trying to maintain our consolidated research and design habits while respecting the safety regulations enforced and we are waiting for new instructions to understand the direction the market will take. Production is blocked at the moment because, since the last decrees, factories and laboratories have been closed. As for distribution, we are actively focusing on our on-line sales, relying on those who might want to treat themselves to a small gift to lift their spirits. The same goes for the communication front where we are implementing the on-line channel since it is a way to keep in direct contact with our customers and show that we are here. 

What worries you most?
If the situation continues, it could have important repercussions on the fashion system and therefore, on the jewelry market. We are hoping that, bit by bit, the situation will settle or evolve with new opportunities. 

A positive comment on the future of jewelry…
Jewelry has always been a statement. I hope that, this time, it will be used as a sign of encouragement for ourselves to re-start or as a gift to thank others. 

Are you thinking of any specific initiatives to ensure business continuity?
We will soon be launching an on-line sales channel and we are planning some purely digital activities.

Systematizing can be, now more than ever, a strong point: what do you think about that?
Systematizing can certainly be a way to help each other as long as the system governing it supports us. Besides the big names, our country lives on diversity, on artisan companies, on niche businesses. I hope and believe that it is essential not to forget this multiple system. 

Confindustria Moda Toscana has suggested a pact between companies, an anti-coronavirus supply chain. Do you think it could work for the jewelry industry?
Why not? Help in difficult moments is fundamental!

Where do you think there will be more problems in coming out of this emergency? How much does it depend on the various markets and how much on individual attitudes? 
In a production cycle, everything is connected. If one part stops, the rest is automatically blocked. Only when the market stabilizes again will each company be able to continue with its activity. The important thing is to lay the foundations for what you can do once things re-start and try, as far as possible, to make the best of this time. 

How has communication changed during the pandemic?
Everything regarding the digital and social world is becoming stronger. In my opinion, the idea of creating an identity hashtag for this period in order to transmit positive messages and raise the population’s awareness was an extremely good one. It is essential that those who have a certain following give a good example.

A comment on the Cura Italia decree?
I believe that our country is actively demonstrating its ability to react despite the difficulties. Unfortunately, the fear of the same economic system we had before not returning is very much alive, but it was inevitable that everything had to stop in such a delicate situation as this. We hope that, if we all make every effort to respond as we have been asked to, we will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel more quickly. The earlier we re-start, the more possibility there will be of a re-stabilization. 

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