THE TALK: We Are One!

Gaia Spallanzani, fifth generation of the historical jewelry brand, responds to the crisis with a message of courage, patience and positivity

Let’s start with a comment on the situation we are undergoing due to the Covid-19 epidemic…
We had reached a point where there was too much of everything. A general over-consumption. This crisis has certainly made us slow down and realize that everything can change in an instant and it has forced us to stop and reflect. Consume less but better, in our sector too. Hopefully, we will go towards more responsible manufacturing.

How has it affected your work?
Our offices are closed as is the entire production chain. We are working remotely from home in order to respond to our customers’ requests but we are all well aware that it is a particular moment where everything is at a standstill: production and distribution. However, the customers understand too and are being patient. Then, step by step, when the factories re-open, we will prioritize order deliveries and, following that, re-start with on-line sales. For now, the main priority is keeping everybody healthy, so we are sticking to the rules.

Have you activated any particular initiatives?
To keep our customers’ creativity going, we have posted some games on the social networks linked to our collections where they can have fun by creating their own amulets or bracelets, and we will shortly be adding coloring activities…. Just to take our minds off things and enjoy ourselves a little…

What worries you the most?
I am positive by nature and my philosophy is that while there is life, there is hope. I am not worried. I am certain we will find solutions. We just have to be patient and ready to help one another. During this crisis, I have tried to help as much as I can by making donations and putting people into contact to collect funds. I am only worried for those who are not able to feed their families and the elderly who are alone. But I hope and believe in the solidarity of Italians.

What will the greatest challenge be for the recovery?
Spallanzani jewelry has, for the most part, a meaning and story to tell. The new collections will be based on this even more greatly. The biggest challenge will be managing to tell them in the right way. The problems will be global, this crisis has involved the whole world and at every level. Some countries will emerge before others. We will all need to be extremely patient for everything to start up again. 

Can systemization be a solution?
Systemization is and has always been a strong point in my opinion. The solution comes from the group, not from the individual. We have to help each other. 

How are you staying in touch with your customers?
At the moment we are trying to transmit positivity, happiness and creativity. Many people are suffering, they are bored and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are living in a world where everything was going so fast and now, we have to learn to be patient. It will be helpful for the hereafter.

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