The Valenza Model is Born

Bulgari, Crivelli, Gioj and Filostil. These are the first four companies in the Valenza gold district to become beta testers for the safety protocol formulated with Turin Polytechnic

What is the “Valenza” model? A unique and strategic initiative for a responsible re-start involving four sector companies that aims to find the best practices to transmit to other manufacturing companies, possibly even outside the district. Generated by Turin Polytechnic’s phase 2 application protocol, Bulgari, Crivelli, Gioj and Filostil – identified according to type, dimension and layout configuration – are the first four beta testers to have adhered to the protocol, widely representing the companies in the district. They are tasked with sharing the best practices with other companies and the Polytechnic’s study team in order to define the first “Valenza” model. The Valenza gold district is therefore ready for a responsible re-start, experimenting and collaborating with the Polytechnic’s team in the coming weeks. «The Valenza jewelry district has been preparing responsibly and consciously since the onset of the crisis and is continuing to do so in phase 2», commented Alessia Crivelli – President of Fondazione Mani Intelligenti. «Istat data» he added, «show how business and manufacturing stoppage in our city has been totalitarian with the highest national percentage of companies closed. A primacy that can be interpreted in many ways but which certainly denotes courage and, above all, responsibility, considering that we spontaneously stopped before the national lockdown. The global jewelry market is undergoing a moment of considerable growth with active orders and we are ready to re-start without neglecting the safety of our people». The new “Companies open, workers protected” protocol formulated by Turin Polytechnic, is a document aimed to be a starting point for a national guide to safety. Gianluca Cravera, General Manager of Fondazione Mani Intelligenti, added: «Fondazione Mani Intelligenti immediately set to work with the Polytechnic to construct a real collaboration synergy and turn the district into the protocol’s beta testing ground. It is a one-of-a-kind result considering the structure of our companies. By working with Vice University President   professor Mattiazzo and professor Luca Marmo, we were able to find a distinctive experimentation environment in our companies. The beta test companies will be tasked with divulging the good practices that derive from the protocol in order to define a “Valenza” model. The Foundation’s action has been decisive in managing to work out a system for a cohesive enterprise system ready for the re-start». The Mayor of Valenza, Gianluca Barbero, also pointed out in a note: «We do not want these two months’ isolation to have been in vain. The virtuous behavior of Valenza citizens is also the result of corporate social responsibility. We are ready to re-start and we want Valenza to experiment the best practices for a safe re-start».

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