Ugo Pancani: Training as a Mission

Ugo Pancani, professor and trainer at the Fondation Haute Horlogerie in Geneva, explains the role of education for the watch events, starting from what happened last March in Vicenzaoro, at the VO’Clock Privé show

  • Ugo Pancani

    Ugo Pancani

«2022 can already be defined as an important year for watchmaking and haute horlogerie, thanks to the return of several in-person events that provided visitors with a first-hand look at what’s new in the sector. Opening the season of events - even before Watches and Wonders, which saw 38 of the most prestigious brands exhibiting in Geneva after many years - was Vicenzaoro, which, in early March, launched a new format: VO’ Clock Privé. Not just an elegant and well-organized “showcase” for b2b, organized by IEG, but also a reference point for the public of enthusiasts, who, for the first time, were given the chance to meet designers, planners and even master watchmakers and repairers, ready to explain what goes on behind the scenes of authentic objects of desire. Personally, I am honored to be an integral part of this project for the sector’s rebirth in Italy, which, for much too long, had no specific exhibition opportunities, not to mention training activities for both professionals and enthusiasts. Training has always been of prior importance for IEG, even a mission, I would say, that lies at the basis of many of its activities and initiatives in the belief that there is neither market nor quality without product culture. Among other things, the September edition will see a rich calendar of events about the vintage world, and even if the program is still being finalized, as far as I’m concerned I’ll be re-proposing a course on chronography and other complications that, back in March, was a total sell-out.»

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