Umberto Verga's Highlights on the Vintage Market

VO Vintage was the first trade show that historic boutique Luigi Verga has participated in. The company’s President Umberto Verga explains why

«I admit that I’ve never participated at a trade show. I mean as Luigi Verga SpA and not even as Verga Vintage, our internal division focused on historic timepieces. What made me change my mind and consider participating in VO Vintage was my visit to Vicenzaoro last September. I hadn’t been in at least 15 years, and I can say that I saw it had really changed, for the better obviously. The pavilions are set up in a much more functional and convenient way. The stands are elegant and truly appeal to visitors. This positive impression was the incentive I needed to say ‘yes’ to this first edition dedicated to vintage jewels, which is something IEG Italian Exhibition Group very much wanted. Of course, it is the first time that it is making its debut so there may be a few details to iron out, but that is normal. It always takes time to break things in. We are building the foundation of something new. I think that in order to say that we really tried, we need to have at least three events to see if this is something that interests the public and that becomes popular with them. We need to think about it as a way of creating a network in a period like the one we are in now, which is not thriving economically on an international level. This despite the exponential growth of online sales, which is seen as a big draw in the industry. I believe that for an important purchase like a vintage watch, objects need to be touched and “experienced.” A photo online, on the website of a virtual auction house or on Instagram just can’t capture all of the sensations that an object of that type can offer. This is why trade shows play a very important role. A show like VO Vintage serves as a unique opportunity for aficionados or buyers to see one-off pieces in one place, to compare and contrast them. Those who sell or prefer online often fear this direct, physical comparison. In addition to Rolex and Patek Philippe, in our space, we also have pieces from Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet. We also have a few interesting things like pocket watches, which are coming back into style, and they can make for a piece of watchmaking history at an accessible price. How much? With 3,000-3,500 euros, you can get some good deals. It is wrong to think they are obsolete. On the contrary, these days, everyone is trying to stand out with their own look and what could be better than wearing something nobody else has and that offers so much character? My advice is to always buy what you like and not what has market value.»

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