Verdi’s Timeless Melodies

Rock'n'roll, Chillout, Funky and Dress, the Valenza brand’s most iconic collections, focus on the concept of “simplicity meets luxury” 

«With our brand, we have always focused on four distinctive values: savoir-faire excellence, Italian style in the refinement of the design, the personality of each creation, and the femininity of the shapes, which become a second skin for those who choose a Verdi jewel.» In these few words, CEO Marco Verdi sums up the mission of the historic Valenza-based brand, which, since 1971, has never ceased to create beauty according to its own codes, based on innovative shapes and unusual combinations of the most precious raw materials. Rock'n'roll, Chillout, Funky are the names of three of Verdi’s most representative collections, names inspired by musical genres, which almost seems to evoke the concept of the chromatic scale, a term that refers both to the semitones that alternate between one note and another, and to the thousands of shades of a color, is something that the company holds dear. Just as an ideal pentagram, Verdi constantly creates new “melodies” composed of a complex order of lines, volumes and nuances that are sometimes decisive, like those of coral or turquoise, and sometimes softer and more delicate, like those of semi-precious stones, white agate or enamels, a playful and unpredictable element of the Funky collection, embellished with the purest diamonds mounted on yellow, pink or white gold. From the “allegro vivace” mood of Funky, we move on to the “andante moderato” mood of Chillout, dominated by a highly elegant vibe and a touch of glamour that only polished gold “laced” with diamonds can give. Rock'n'roll is, by definition, the “vivo” musical term where the rhythm rises with every beat in an alternation of high notes, represented by coral – obtained, for sustainability’s sake, through a process of natural coral powder synthesis -, turquoise, onyx and colored gems, and sharp notes that are lost in the “non-color” of white diamond. Timeless collections, iconic of Made in Italy lifestyle, which, as such, can adorn women of any age and define their image according to the occasion. And if “dress” is what it is all about, moving from the world of music to the world of fashion, we have the Dress line which Verdi has designed in a minimal chic key, as simple as it is surprising, like a classic passpartout outfit that every wardrobe should have.

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