Vever. The New Beginning

200 years since its foundation in Paris in 1821, Camille and Damien, the family’s seventh generation, are relaunching the historical Vever brand with an innovative and sustainable version of Art Nouveau jewelry

“We no longer want Louis XV”, wrote Henri Vever in 1898 in his beloved diary. “No artistic moment has ever been so favorable or interesting. The decorative arts are undergoing a revolution and a new art has been born. I look at nature and my eyes fill with tears,” the artist confessed. It was the beginning of Art Nouveau, of sinuous feminine portrayals, curved lines, homages to flora and fauna and the use of unusual materials like horn, ivory, enamels and hard stones, so that maîtres joailliers could capture the rarest and most hidden aspects of nature. Two hundred years after that creative pioneering which revolutionized the language and aesthetic codes of the time, twins Camille e Damien Vever are re-opening and relaunching the historic company – which closed in 1982 – at its old address at number 14, rue de la Paix.


«The “new” Vever 2021 is an evolution of the historical brand. When you decide to revive such a prestigious brand, you can only start from its DNA, from its inspirational motives, from high quality, French know-how and a culture of innovation and disruption,» says Camille, now President and Ceo. «When I and my brother Damien decided to open the doors again, we chose a truly talented team, with Sandrine Tessier for the pliqueà- jour enamels, to Sandrine de Laage as the Creative Director, as well as the very best artisan workshops in Paris. Vever’s new jewelry represents a New Luxury. It is made of recycled gold, vegetable ivory and lab-grown diamonds and, thanks to this innovative and ethical approach, we are the first missiondriven company in the sector. A mission that, now more than ever, is linked, as in the past, to nature, nymphs, climbing plants... Vever’s relaunch releases a desire that I been nurturing inside for 26 years, since my grandmother, as tradition dictated, gave me a Vever jewel for my sixteenth birthday… I knew then that, one day, I would resurrect it.»


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