Nikos Koulis: My VICENZAORO

Once again, on January 2018, the Design Room will promote the stylistic excellence of the most cutting-edge designers. Nikos Koulis gives us his much-appreciated point of view
NIKOS, what will you expect from  VICENZAORO January 2018? «I feel that VICENZAORO embraces a diverse community of designers and envisions a growth prospect for them. I agree with this outlook, so I will take part again to VICENZAORO next January. In 2017, I participated for the first time to the Design Room, which has great potential to evolve, focusing on designers with a distinct aesthetic signature and quality.» 
What are the plus of the Design Room for an independent designer as you are? «It is always interesting for the industry to find in one space, independent designer brands together. We are complementary and share a similar state of mind and passion for jewelry making. I hope that we ‘ll see more designers this year!»

A feedback from your first experience at VICENZAORO? Good vibes, nice flow and an interesting blend of people, reflecting optimism for the industry. 


In general, at the beginning of the year, what do your buyers ask for? Will you present a special collection in January or you think it would be better for you to strengthen your most iconic collection? I never follow the buyers’ needs. Having my own boutiques exposes me directly to my customers’ desires, so I know what would they love. However, I don’t have a strategy when I design! It always depends on the forms and materials that attract me; and I constantly create new pieces and ideas. Thus, I ‘m sure I will showcase newness, as well as enrich my signature collections. 

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