VICENZAORO: Lydia Courteille at her Debut

The jewels of Lydia Courteille, one of the most anticipated guests, astound and stir emotions. The Parisian designer, known for her progressive spirit, has chosen the Design Room’s exclusive format to present her latest creations. But that’s not everything. In fact, Courteille was invited to talk about her style and share her passion with the Vicenzaoro community at VISIO.NEXT Summit’s opening conference, which will be held today from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in the Tiziano room (Hall 7.1). This year, it is dedicated to an important theme: sustainable creativity. We met up with her to learn more about her latest collections and to ask her about her first time participating in the event.

They say your jewelry collections cause a storm of emotions, which are always positive.
Yes, colors spark a Pavlovian effect. They wake up feelings and memories. For example, green represents chlorophyll, forests, and escapes. Blue may remind you of the sea on your last vacation. Red is for passion, blood and cruelty. Orange is for vitamins, exoticism and energy; purple is mystical, religious.

This is your first time at Vicenzaoro’s Design Room. What about this format dedicated to independent international designers appealed to you?
It is always a pleasure to share my passion and build relationships with the jewelry community. We have also an exhibition at Florence’s Palazzo Pitti in January, so we are very open to collaborations with retailers and museums.

Could you give us a sneak peek of your latest collections?
The last one is called Nuevo Mundo. The next one is about Marie Antoinette and is called Archi-duchesse. We used titanium, aquamarine and gold. The collection follows Animal Farm from 2013.

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