Vincenzo Aucella talks about Coral Resource Sustainability and Traceability

In September 2019 we were left with the signing of a protocol agreement between Assocoral and IEG Italian Exhibition Group. Two precise aspects were discussed, the harvest of the raw material and its processing, with the aim of regulating the coral supply chain under one single directive applicable to all the Mediterranean coun- tries. We dealt with the topic of a blockchain for all Assocoral members and the importance of eventually applying international color coding for coral. What are we talking about today? Vincenzo Aucella, President of Assocoral, with his Vice, Ciro Condito and the Director of Federpreziosi, Steven Tranquilli, will be publicly explaining for the first time why the coral harvest is sustainable in order to eliminate all the fake news that is circulating on this topic. Vincenzo Aucella commented before the meeting. «There is still a lot of confusion in this sector between the coral barrier and coral and, now more than ever, the question needs to be clarified so that the end customer has the right information about our traceability system. We want to bridge the communication gap and encourage people to understand where we come from, how coral is harvested these days and we also want the greatest possible input from the audience. Compared to last January, when the law came into force, several problems have arisen relating to licenses issued in Italy. This is why we have an open table with the Ministry in order to have all the necessary control tools before buying the raw material to make sure that the diver has the right to a license. We want greater transparency at the front to improve our vision.»

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