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VO+ Talk: What's Missing Between Brand and Retail

VO+ magazine moderates a debate between the retail world and that of luxury brands to investigate into the new opportunities and criticalities arisen in the post-Covid period

A panel that responds to the current market needs and englobes a multitude of voices from the retail world on the one hand and the business world on the other. Moderated by Federica Frosini, Editor-in-Chief of VO+ magazine, the talk, entitled "What's missing between brand and retail", investigates to find out how to bridge the relational gap between the high-range sales point and luxury brands. What is the best sales model for today’s market and customer? How should a high jewelry brand approach on-line sales models? There are two aspects to consider. One linked to the traditional sales model which involves everything to do with customer relations. Then, there is the model linked to the digital channel, which, at this particular moment, needs to be renovated with a new, innovative approach. A debate that also gives voice to a luxury multi-brand boutique like Sugar, with the intervention of Beppe Angiolini, and from Sarah Fabergé, from the historical international high jewelry brand. Definitely not to be missed is the contribution from a reknowned e-tailer, which will explain the logics of selling high-range on on-line channels.

1 - 2 pm
Hall 7 - The Stage of Voice

"Filling the gap: What's missing between brand and retail"

Speakers: Beppe Angiolini, owner of Sugar boutique and Honorary President and marketing communication responsible for the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana
Sarah Fabergé, Director of Special Project Fabergé
Moderator: Federica Frosini, Editor in Chief of VO+ magazine

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