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Alberto Morelli, co-founder of Venezianico, talks about the birth and development of a successful business model. Open Mind and Digital Oriented

  • Alberto Morelli

    Alberto Morelli

«For a young company like ours, coming face to face with the end customer is an opportunity to be welcomed. The new format of IEG’s VO’ Clock Privé offers ideas and yearnings that would otherwise be impossible. We are an unusual organization because we began as a digital start-up where every skill, from design to sales, is digital oriented. In the first 18 months of crowdfunding, we raised €800,000 in three rounds, which was immediately invested in skills that aimed to position us in the market. First of all, we created a structured ecommerce, which proved to be the key to the success of our emergence in 2020, when many companies in the sector were, instead, caught off guard by the pandemic. An avantgarde spirit that the name Venezianico combines with an inspiration that looks to the taste, style and mentality that have developed on the Lagoon over the centuries, as well as to the perfection of Renaissance thought symbolized by the Vitruvian Man (conserved not by chance in the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice and featured on the back of one of the company’s most successful watches). My brother Alessandro and I were trained as economists, which helped shape our shared passion for watches into a business model the likes of which, I would say, the sector has never been seen before. The development of the design of our watches has gone hand in hand with finding the right channel to promote and sell them. At the moment, the partners that supply the mechanics are the Japanese company Seiko while Sellita provides the Swiss movements. The next step is to extend the offer to cover a price range of between €350 and €1,500 (compared with the current maximum price of around 900 euros).»

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