Welcome to Our “World of Wonders”

For the Vicenzaoro January edition, a new stand and a new image concept. Here’s the latest from Serafino Consoli

For Serafino Consoli, the time is ripe to propose some important innovations in image communication, starting with a concept that identifies the very philosophy of the brand and that, as of now, will accompany its development path. With justified pride, the brand’s founder, Ivan Consoli, explains:

«We make everything in house, with 360-degree manufacturing. The know-how we apply was gained with and thanks to our team, which gives us a further emotional boost. Add to this the awareness of having consolidated our image considerably, we can now boast market recognition. For this reason, the January 2023 edition of Vicenzaoro will see the brand taking yet another step forward: a new stand where colors, graphics and textures will further highlight the usual ones, making our character stand out even more. A gift we have treated ourselves to in order to celebrate our latest successes that we have also decided to give a name to: it will be our new “home”, Serafino Consoli's “World of Wonders”, where we look forward to welcoming you so that you can personally experience what makes our creations unique and where we can amaze you with a “That's wow!” Something that has inspired us in the team from day one.»


The syllogism therefore seems obvious: from the company name under which the brand is registered, “That's Wow”, now comes “World of Wonders”, an extension of the acronym WOW. The two basic collections are Brevetto and Serafino, perfect for launching and then imposing a series of best sellers on the market. First and foremost, the multi-size ring, which can be worn from size 1 to 30 without any modification, and then the ring-bracelet from the Serafino collection, which changes its function. No longer a preciousness “limited” to the raw material, but an added value that makes it unique by transforming it into a different piece of jewelry.

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