Wolf 1834: A Brilliant Debut

The company leader for over 185 years in the production of luxury items and gifts speaks of its first experience at Vicenzaoro

What did Wolf gain from these five Vicenzaoro days?
We had already taken part in VOICE last September, which despite its smaller dimensions, made a very good impression on us. Vicenzaoro, however, has a different standing as a major international event. We knew it was an interesting event, with the participation of buyers and quality retailers, also from foreign markets, and the results were not long coming. The gain is easy to say: the confirmation of thirty-five new sales points in Italy. We will certainly be finalizing numerous other agreements over the coming weeks. In order to be properly prepared for this event, we worked hard in the weeks leading up to it, arranging meetings with representatives of companies, shops, etc... We have also recently engaged a top communications agency in Italy in view to these trade show days, and that has proved very fruitful.

Wolf played an important role at Vicenzaoro….
Yes. In order to optimize the event, we decided to sponsor the last moment of each day by branding the open bar area at the Expo Center’s forefront. It was a different way to meet our customers as well as the public who didn’t know us. 

We have had a return in terms of communication.

You like to stand out then. What is your market advantage? 
Our products are objects of luxury, gift items, which should not be confused with packaging. We do much more than that. Take our watch winders, for example: they are patented because they have the particularity of precisely counting the number of turns the winders make in a day, not approximately like others on the market. The basic price for a 2-watch winder is €300 but the range goes right up to a 16-piece "safe". There is also a wide selection of leather jewelry boxes in the shape of elegant designer evening clutch bags, as well as a travel line to suit all kinds of tastes and needs.

Have you saved the date for Vicenzaoro January?
Absolutely! We are already thinking about how to repeat our sponsorship with IEG Italian Exhibition Group in January. In the last month alone, we have participated in 5 exhibitions - two in Las Vegas, Maison in Paris, one in Holland and Munich is coming up soon too. But here at Vicenzaoro, we have found a higher level of visiting retailers than at the other shows because buyers from Russia and the Far East also come here. Only local and South American buyers attend US fairs.

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