Women Empowerment Jewels by Awe Inspired

Contemporary goddesses to celebrate female power, this is the idea of ​​Awe Inspired

Women empowerment: two words that hold an increasingly important message. Despite the emancipation of women in the last century, we cannot yet speak of complete gender equality and that is why many public figures, from the world of art to that of politics, continue to fight in the name of women. It also happens in jewelry, as demonstrated by Awe Inspired, a brand created to celebrate intersectional feminism. It was founded by mother and son, Jill and Max Johnson. Jill, a three-time cancer survivor, wanted to undertake this business, to create pieces that celebrate women who have overcome adversity. «We design fine jewelry as a vehicle for self-empowerment. Celebrating intersectional feminism and diversity is at the core of who we are and what we do». Awe donates 20% of all proceeds to some customer-chosen nonprofit organizations, including: CancerCare, RAINN and EMILY's List. «Core to our mission is giving back aggressively to women most in need of support and assistance. We donate 20% of all proceeds to our charity partners. To date, we’ve given over $500,000 to these incredible organizations. You may choose which charity you’d like your Awe purchase to benefit at checkout». Thanks to its social commitment and a rigorously ethical production, the brand has already earned the approval of some celebrities. Names like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Gabrielle Union and Madonna have chosen to wear necklaces from the Goddess collection, which features legendary women from the past, present and mythology immortalized on gold or silver medallions: from Artemis and Aphrodite, passing through Cleopatra and Frida Kahlo up to Harriet Tubman, Kamala Harris, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A quiz on the brand's website will lead you to find out who you are most like, in order to choose the ideal jewel. Are you ready to discover your inner goddess?

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