Simeone Orafi: Against homogenization

Simeone Orafi: Against homogenization

The skillful combination of materials, expertiseand irreproducibility are the hallmarks of artisan jewelry.

[su_highlight background="#A26741" color="#FFFFFF"]HANDICRAFT[/su_highlight] The best answer to style and beauty in a virtually homogenized world? ‘It’s the uniqueness of a jewel that speaks to the heart’ – maintains Giorgio Simeone, born in 1940 and owner of the Matera-based goldsmith’s workshop by the same name. ‘Unique Simeone Orafi_anellopieces, born out of our workshop, which can bring a sense of exclusivity to the wearer who will appreciate their distinctive traits. It’s quite an achievement  in a world where everything seems to be reduced to mechanical repetitiveness with the consequent deterioration in quality, and where everything is more reminiscent of a factory than a goldsmith’s workshop’. The recurring themes and motifs behind Simeone’s creations come from the natural world and include roses, bunches of grapes and acanthus leaves, as well as from both real animals such as butterflies and chrysalides and imaginary ones like the phoenix.  These also include female figures and geometric and stylized shapes bearing the imprint of ancient civilizations, which portray the archaeological remnants of Magna Graecia and the symbols of alternative ‘ethnic’ or ‘tribal’ cultures, in addition to traces of the art left behind by the great Venetian goldsmiths. Lastly, there is also room for ‘amorphous’ designs featuring peculiar stylistic traits like the collection dedicated to Matera, cultural capital in 2019.

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